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“Euphoria” Is Something Special

HOLLYWOOD—Wow, that is the only word that comes to mind when I binge-watched the first season of the HBO series “Euphoria.” Yeah, to say...

Big Brother 21” Crowns Its Winner!

HOLLYWOOD—It has been a whirlwind of a summer, and after nearly 14 weeks of mayhem, “Big Brother 21” has crowned a winner. Let me...

“Big Brother 21” Week 7 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—We can’t always have good things “Big Brother” fans, but it’s the nature of the game that keeps you hooked. Last week was one...

“Big Brother 21” Week 6 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—The tide has finally turned America, I’ve been patiently waiting for some drama on “Big Brother 21” which hasn’t been a fave of many...

“Big Brother 21” Week 5 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—We are indeed facing dark times “Big Brother 21” fanatics. I mean Cliff was our last hope to deliver a bullet to the Six...

“Big Brother 21” Week 4 Recap

HOLLYWOOD—This week on “Big Brother 21” was one hell of a week to say the least. We were in for a blindside during the...
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