HOLLYWOOD—I must admit last week was a terrific week in the “Big Brother 23” house because people were actually fighting to survive, well Christian was. I mean after Derek X decided to take the shot at Christian, the house was flipping left and right, Christian was merely one vote from staying in the game, but he was not able to persuade the Jokers to keep him, which left Tiffany upset to say the least. That friction between Tiffany, Azah and Derek F is going to explode people, I don’t know when, but it is going to happen.

After Christian became the final pre-jury boot, Julie Chen officially announced the house made jury and that a new twist in the game was about to come into play: The High Rollers Room. This was explained terribly on TV and trying to piece things together as a live feeder was just as difficult. However, it goes with this summer’s theme of high risk and high reward.

However, this was the first time I can recall no Head of Household was played on the Thursday night eviction episode. The audience had to wait in suspense until Sunday or check out spoilers online Thursday night to find out what unfolded. Well, it was a knockout and it was without drama to say the least. Kyland, Azah and Tiffany to be exact. The Cookout might be dominating the game, but the level of distrust because these six people are epic. Kyland ended up claiming his second HOH, but only after an attempt to throw to Tiffany failed and he picked Azah several times in the comp forcing her to question his allegiance and rubbing her the wrong way majorly. Kyland had a great first HOH, this second one, not so much America; lots of mistakes. Not being blunt, telling lies, logic that makes no sense, being arrogant and dismissive; he should have thrown to Tiffany or Azah.

Look, I get why the six are fighting so hard to maintain The Cookout and I might have done the same thing until we reached jury, but however, once jury was in play, it would have been time to play a different game. A solo game where I would have been doing all in my power to ensure I get to the end of the game with a winning chance. People like Azah and Derek F (or Big D as the house calls him), would be taken out as they are threats to my game. In addition, people who I’m working closely with, who are loyal to me would stay in my orbit. You never ever cut a loyal player, it’s the dumbest thing you can do America. Someone needs to knock that sense into Tiffany (regarding Claire) and Hannah (regarding Derek X).

The friction only added to more stress as the BB Bucks were dished out to the houseguests, the top 3 received $100 (Derek X, Britini and Derek F), the next 3 received $75 (Hannah, Xavier and Tiffany and everyone else received $50 (Azah, Kyland, Alyssa, Sarah Beth). Trust me, it was NOT explained clearly and took lots of information sourcing to figure it out. With that said, the new room will last for 3 weeks where nifty powers will be up for grabs. You have the second power of veto, a roulette nomination wheel and a HOH takeover.

The second POV had to be the most complicated because you had to decide rather to bet $50 to play a game, that would then allow you to bet on a player in the POV competition. If you were victorious in the game, you could place a bet, if not, you simply lost $50. If the person you bet on to won the POV, the houseguest who placed that bet would also win a POV. It was strategy on top of strategy people, which had everyone in the house trying to figure out how much money they won, who played in the comp and who would potentially make bets.

I would have flat out lied. I won $50, the less the better, so people are not assuming America loves you and as a result you end up becoming a target. I would NOT want that people, not one single bit. Kyland, Sarah Beth, Claire, Derek F and Tiffany all played in the competition. Tiffany lost, with everyone else burning $50 bucks and placing a bet on the POV winner. The following prizes are more interesting, the roulette nomination wheel costs $125 and allows a person to be safe who wins, but also take down one of the two nominees and wheel will randomly choose the nominee who is replaced. Risky.

However, it’s the third power, which is simply the diamond power of veto or Coup d’ tat, but cost $250. That’s going to be hard to obtain without banking money and being at the top of America’s list. It all falls on the flip of a coin, so I’m pretty sure production will make sure it falls in their favor people right? The houseguests were noted there are ways to earn more BB bucks, but we have yet to discover exactly how people. That will unfold because otherwise no one will be able to afford the Coin of Destiny, unless they win $100 at least 2 weeks and $50 by the third week.

This week’s POV was OTEV. You know I get the iconic competitions, but I truly believe it is time for the producers to change the competitions completely so the houseguest have NO IDEA of what to expect, how to manipulate and how to plan for what is coming next. It would create more unpredictability versus actual predictability. Kyland threw the comp to Alyssa. So Alyssa had a veto and Kyland got a second veto for betting on Alyssa.

So Ky decided to remove Claire from the block, and replace her with Britini, and Alyssa not use her POV. C’mon Alyssa you should have used your veto to remove Britini forcing Kyland to either nominate Derek X (he had been thinking about it all week), Azah (the friction is building) or Sarah Beth (never going to happen). It would have been a blindside on top of a blindside America, but nope, not this week. Britini was upset and emotional as she felt picked on, and let’s be honest she has been nominated as it seemed every week and she lashed out at Kyland, who again was dismissive and rude.

Kyland really tanked his game a bit this week being a tool and for no apparent reason, holding late night one-on-ones and just thinking he was a massive power player. Hey Ky, after the POV meeting, I would have been like NOPE, not having a meeting you have no power, you spent BB bucks so I don’t see you having a shot at the Roulette Wheel. Derek X and Claire wanted to flip the vote and take out Big D, which was terrific news for fans because a possible flip could transpire, or at the least force The Cookout to show their cards.

Derek X and Claire were getting pushback, and it was indeed sending red flags to these two perceptive players, c’mon connect the dots guys because Derek X has completely lost trust in Kyland and he definitely has Xavier in his crosshairs. Derek has attempted to bond with X, who is just giving him the cold shoulder and as a player that would be a sign for me to take him out. We desperately need a Claire or Derek X HOH because they will make moves, where Alyssa and Sarah Beth will conform to the census I think and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANOTHER COOKOUT HOH!