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“How To Get Away With Murder” Nears Its End!

HOLLYWOOD─I really do not know how to describe what I am witnessing right now on the ABC mystery series “How to Get Away With...

“AHS: 1984” Regains My Interest!

HOLLYWOOD—I was living and I mean living for this new season of “American Horror Story.” “AHS: 1984” which pays homage to the decade that...

“AHS: 1984” Delivers Nostalgia

HOLLYWOOD—Are you a fan of 80s horror? I know I am, so when I learned the upcoming season of the FX series “American Horror...

“HTGAWM” Stunning Season 5 Finale!

HOLLYWOOD—The ABC drama “How to Get Away With Murder” is known for knocking off some major characters in the beginning and the end of...

NCAA Tournament Mayhem Kicks Off With Surprises!

UNITED STATES—Do you have your bracket? Have you started to fill it out, well I know I have and it looks like the 2018...
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