HOLLYWOOD—Well the end is near on “Big Brother 24.” I now completely understand the purpose of that fast-forward eviction because it pushes the game towards the end because when you only have four people left in the house there is NOT much to do people. There has been a lot happening, but at the same time there hasn’t been a ton happening.

The final five eviction was a nail-biter because I was certain that Alyssa was going home, but by mid-week Brittany spiraled per usual and it resulted in a potential flip one that would send Taylor out the door people. Brittany would evict Taylor and Turner would provide Alyssa a sympathy vote if Brittany had her way. There was one issue with this plan, it was NOT properly thought out. You don’t trick someone that way, the proper plan should have been Alyssa and Brittany going to Turner and proposing a solid final three and explaining he wins easily against either of them in a final two, which is quite true, Turner doesn’t know that though people.

They didn’t choose that path and if there is one thing I’ve known about Turner it’s the fact that he is very loyal and that loyalty goes to Monte at the moment, but his eyes may have been opened a bit this week. He spilled to Monte what Alyssa and Brittany were planning and Taylor learned her so call pal was looking to vote her out. Look, it was the right move for Brittany, but she went about it the wrong way. During the live vote, it was the first tie of the season 1 vote to evict Alyssa, 1 vote to evict Taylor, Turner, Brittany, Alyssa, Taylor and Monte were all shocked. Monte broke the tie saving Taylor and sending Alyssa to the jury house. Talk about awkward moment people.

The final four HOH was a mess, a video of host Julie Chen wearing a bunch of different dresses and doing odd things in the videos. I couldn’t remember a single thing, so I felt even worse for the houseguests. However in a nail-biter it came down to Brittany and Taylor in a tie, where the tiebreaker gave Taylor her second HOH win of the season.

I was so happy, this woman who was likely the first boot of the season survived all her haters and will be in the final three, possibly making the final two and making history if she gets there. Brittany was happy, but she knew she had damage control to do. Turner was aware Brittany cast that vote to evict Taylor, so was Monte, Taylor was unsure so she nominated both Brittany and Turner as a result. However, as we all know nominations mean nothing during the final four HOH it is all about the POV.

Before let’s chat about that conversation between Turner and Brittany where he confronted her about that vote. Brittany was as cold as ice and didn’t give Turner anything. She knew she was guilty, so did Turner and he was so frustrated with Brittany he had to vent to Monte and Taylor who consoled him. If you think about it, anyone besides Monte winning the POV would’ve been great. Turner winning meant Monte or Brittany could go home, Taylor winning could result in her choosing who would cast the sole vote to evict , or Brittany winning could mean Monte or Turner leaves and delivering the audience a possible all-girl final two something NOT seen since BB13.

However, all those options were thrown out the window with Monte winning the POV in perhaps the easiest final four veto I can recall in years that was of course a days competition with a bit of math thrown in. Monte and Brittany were neck and neck, but it was Monte who got the edge and dude stop harping on your mechanical engineer degree and being great at math because your performance would say otherwise.

So the week is set in stone, Monte is likely evicting Brittany, but there is trouble in the MonTay showmance. Monte has a bit of an ego, and Taylor waking him from his sleep by snatching the headphones off his ears was NOT good at all. He found it rude, dismissive and he was not happy. He moved his shower stuff from the HOH bathroom and moved back downstairs. As a result he spilled to Turner that he and Taylor have a relationship. Look I am going to say it, Monte is a piece of s**t! He is very condescending and talks and treats Taylor like crap. His week 1 and week 2 ways surfaced real quick and I think this guy needs to be humbled which I am certain will transpire as soon as the season concludes on Sunday.

Trying to explain Taylor has to be a certain way at all times, blaming her for the behavior she endured at the beginning of the season. Oh, no, Monte, Taylor when she gets out of this house will realize don’t run from Monte, you need to flee faster than you can count to three. I mean when she learns what this guy said about her and how he treated her in week 1, all I can say is Monte might want to stay off social media for a while and I mean like a good 6 months to a year.

My ideal final two would be either Taylor winning final HOH and cutting Monte to bring Turner or Turner who is starting to realize he is not Monte’s top priority and win the final HOH and cut this guy who is so certain Turner doesn’t have the galls to cut him. Taylor making the move would be delicious TV which we all know she wants. Turner making the move would be a savage blindside where I will scream at the TV screen as a result. Monte is way too confident and I don’t think he has the jury votes he suspects he has.

Hmm, this could be Monte’s fatal flaw because now Turner realizes that Monte and Taylor are much closer than he thought, which means Monte might NOT take Turner to the final two over Taylor. This is good in my opinion because if Taylor or Turner wins the final 3 HOH I would hope they would cut Monte and take each other. I do believe Taylor beats Turner, but it is no slam dunk. However, Monte looks like a frontrunner for the win, but I think Taylor’s story is much more inspiring than Turner and Monte to be honest.

It would be a nice touch to the start of the season which was a dumpster fire and fans were ready to toss in the towel. The certain votes for Monte would be Kyle and Terrance, whereas I think if Monte cuts Turner he loses that vote I think. Taylor has a few locked votes in Brittany, Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy. I know she wasn’t part of the Girls Girls alliance, but I think these women want to see a woman win this game.