HOLLYWOOD—Look, the first week of “Big Brother 24” was bad. There is no other way to spin it even if you try to people. The treatment of houseguest Taylor Hale at the hands of other houseguests, one also being a parent, I’m talking about you Terrance is reason why we need more mature houseguests and individuals in their 50s, 60s and a bit more life experience.

When we last talked it was almost evident Taylor was about to get the boot, but the unexpected happened as Host Julie Chen has teased time and time again. Right before the eviction it became internet buzz that one of the contestants in the game: Paloma Aguilar had been pulled from the game. Now rather Paloma left that game on her own volition or if she was removed from the game is still up for speculation.

However, it absolutely sent the houseguests spiraling. Would there be an eviction and what would happen with the Backstage Twist people. Well, Julie really dragged out the reveal, and FYI, CBS that edit you put together for Wednesday and Thursday’s episode for the first week was BS. Stop hiding behind what is really happening in the house. All of the articles are out there, the live feeders know and social media has spread the news like a wildfire that is not stopping anytime soon because the houseguests refuse to stop talking about Taylor.

Like GOD, this is why I hate BB and this is what makes it uncomfortable to watch especially the live feeds. With that said, the eviction for the week was cancelled, the Backstage Pass twist ended, and Taylor was saved from being booted from the house. However, the competition for HOH was played in several heats and it became crystal clear this was likely the setup for the Backstage Twist competition where Taylor or Terrance (Taylor most likely) would have battled against Alyssa and Paloma, with Brittany being saved by America’s vote.

Based on how Taylor performed in the competition, Alyssa or Paloma (likely Paloma) would have still been booted from the game. In this odd way I think this was karmic justice for all the houseguests and how they treated Taylor for the past week. NONE of Daniel’s nominees went home and he made 2 definitive enemies in my opinion in Michael and Taylor; Jasmine injured her ankle and the house is still stuck with Taylor. One could ONLY hope we have another America’s vote so we can send a power or let Taylor know how much we adore her or we can vote and place certain people’s games in jeopardy so they are aware ala BB21, you’re not liked.

After the head-to-head heats, Michael, Taylor, Joseph, Ameerah, Jasmine, Kyle and Monte would do battle in the next round for the HOH where it was apparent some people were throwing the competition and it resulted in Jasmine becoming the new HOH. Oh, great, if you’re guessing rather I’m happy or upset with the result, let me just say that was sarcasm at its core. Look BB19 really took it to new heights with Christmas having crutches and scooter because of a broken ankle the entire game. I don’t want to see that all season with Jasmine because she automatically became a goat that anyone will drag to the end because they know they can beat her.

If a contestant gets injured, it’s simple, pull their ass from the game. Stop with this ridiculousness people. We witnessed this all of BB19 with Xmas and she was dragged to the end because she barely played the game and everyone knew they could beat her. I swear the resemblance to BB19 and BB21 that BB24 is giving me right now is so damn scary. However, if we have to endure this so we can get an actual season of returning players, who won’t continue this level of ignorance that is becoming an issue with BB year after year, I am all for it or perhaps a completely new production team entirely.

Jasmine still has an immense hate for Taylor for reasons I cannot understand even though this woman is cooking you meals and attempting to take care of you and you have a serious injury involving your ankle. The Taylor hate from the house was in full force yet again for week two and it has gotten to the point that I’ve just refused to watch the live feeds as much because the hate is venomous. Daniel, Pooch, Turner, Nicole, Jasmin, Ameerah, Terrance, Monte, hell I should list everyone except Michael, Brittany, Kyle and Alyssa, who are the only ones NOT thinking about Taylor 24/7 like the rest of these people and for no good reasons.

Daniel, take a seat, Nicole, shut-up and realize you could use Taylor as an ally and Terrance, who the hell is Terrance, the guy is barely on the feeds or the episodes. What a waste of a houseguest, the same with Turner who has been literally absent since the first episode of the season. Like this is the best cast that the producers could come up with people?

Pooch, gosh I cannot think of a dumber move I have witnessed beyond seeing Fessy nominate Scottie during his HOH reign people. So Jasmine nominated Pooch and Taylor for eviction, with Pooch being the intended target thanks to Ameerah and Alyssa comparing notes and pushing the agenda, as well as Nicole. Monte has placed a major target on himself and the house is constantly shifting amongst alliances. So if I’m being honest, I would love to see Brittany, Michael, Indy, Taylor or Turner as HOH. I think they are the players who will NOT go with the house mentality of using a ‘pawn’ over and over again, and will actually make a move to shake the house, more so Brittany and Michael, as Brittany knows she is NOT in the core, and I don’t see Michael just doing what people tell him to do he’s trying to build his own alliance of players he can work with and I like what I’m seeing.

The women are very catty, but that is what happens when you cast a vast majority of them who are in their 20s, and not some 40s and maybe even 50s people. The POV would be pivotal because if Pooch or one of his allies won, then Taylor would be out, but nope, we have a new Veto King as Michael earned his second consecutive POV in the game. He did not use it, but there was talk of pulling Taylor down and throwing up Monte. Monte likes to be in control and when he’s not, he makes it known and it rubbed Nicole and Ameerah the wrong way. This guy was virtually covered on multiple angles, but now he’s looking like such a juicy target if one of the women win HOH next week or a guy NOT aligned with Monte let’s say Turner or Daniel he could be a goner people.

We already learned from Julie the ‘Bestie Twist’ would come into play after this week’s eviction (the actual first of the season), which means pairs are coming into play, rather like BB13 or not, is not yet known people. This twist will indeed impact the game as it might force people who don’t like one another to be forced to work together and it could change how people are nominated as well and if we’re seeing a Battle of the Block redux, but with a different name.