HOLLYWOOD—It was the week that really tested the core alliance ‘The Leftovers’ on “Big Brother 24.” Look, I’m never a fan of boring TV, I like drama, I like conflict, but I was NOT ready to see this alliance that emerged in week 3 and turned the game upside down to falter and the dynamics absolutely shifted people. It turned out well for some in the alliance and not so well for others in the alliance.

Nicole who thought she had the votes found herself evicted 9-1 and received a scorching speech courtesy of her Festie Bestie Taylor. Oh, it was delicious TV people. Daniel was bitter and I mean bitter as hell because he realized he was at the bottom and no longer in control. Look, there is nothing wrong with being bitter, but Daniel you sent your own ally home by using the Power of Veto when you were warned by Monte not to do it! You have no one to blame, but yourself.

So it’s time for a new HOH, and it was similar to the timed competition that Sarah Beth won in BB23. Hmm, we haven’t had a knockout HOH yet, and we have not had an endurance competition yet either. This competition was not even close. Daniel went first, Michael beat that time and that was it. Kyle, Taylor and Turner probably could have bested that time if they hadn’t fallen, and Joseph looked like he threw the competition people.  Michael became the new HOH increasing his win equity yet again; 3 POVs and a HOH, but he was not done for the week, as he won another POV. That is 4 POVs and 1 HOH wow! That target is growing by the minute on you Michael.

Little bit of a tangent because I’m sick of hearing Jasmine, Terrance, Indy and Daniel talk about Taylor. Gosh, get over it, this girl lives rent free in your heads. Terrance should be ashamed of himself considering he’s the oldest person in the house with children and you’re talking disgusting about a woman. Hmm, how do you think people will react to your behavior? Hey, BB casting, stop casting older people who have no personality! Terrance is bland and boring. How about we see more older houseguests like Renny and Jerry from BB10? Yeah, I’m all for that. I cannot wait to see Jasmine, Terrance, Indy, Daniel, and you can add Kyle to the list to have to atone for their ignorance in the BB24 house.

Kyle is just ignorant, there is no other way to describe it as he wanted to align with everyone else in the house except the people of color because he feared another Cookout forming. Hmm, just because people are of a similar race or background does not mean they will align. FYI Kyle you should have actually watched BB23. The Cookout was an alliance for a cause to crown the first Black winner of the shows history. That was a one of a kind situation, not happening here and he’s really pushing to fracture The Leftovers so that he can form this alliance with Alyssa, Michael, Turner and Brittany. The slight problem is I don’t think Brittany and Michael are all sold on this, they’re telling Kyle what he wants to hear.

Kyle wanted to keep Daniel, and that’s interesting considering Daniel has noted he wanted to target Brittany and Michael and claimed that Michael could win this entire game. If I heard that as HOH it sends an immediate message for me to send out Daniel quick and fast. Can he be a shield, yes, but Daniel has not proven that he wants to work with Michael, so the gamble is not worth it.

Alyssa, Jasmine, Indy and Terrance all wanted Monte out, and Monte and Joseph had no idea until the news made it to their ears hours later after the POV competition. They now realize that Terrance and Jasmine are not to be trusted. Kyle learned of this and was slightly giddy. Kyle is really pushing for Daniel to stay showing his cards and proving to the other six that he is not reliable. Here’s the problem Kyle you’re showing yourself as a threat and now your allies can see that, and you’re going to need Alyssa more than ever now, but if you worked on building your bond with Monte who you were damn close to in the beginning that could be a great ally for you.

At least things are clear for Brittany, Michael, Taylor, Joseph, Monte and Turner that the other side of the house cannot be trusted, and Kyle got exposed and I don’t think he realizes it and he’s not that smart of a player. Brittany was clocking Kyle’s stupid game moves left and right, Jasmine and company thought they had the votes to send Monte out the house, but during the POV, Michael gave a great speech and put Daniel and Kyle on the block. Daniel is likely going home, but I will be honest Kyle going home is not a bad thing.

The Festie Bestie twist is coming to an end this week, as the jury phase begins, and we have an epic battle of endurance with the predictable wall competition. I must admit I’m sick of the wall competition as the form of endurance there is so much more that can be done from competitions of the past. It is time for the creators to utilize different competitions to shakeup the contestants so they don’t expect predictability. That means likely knock out HOH in the coming weeks and I have a feeling a double eviction could be heading our way.