HOLLYWOOD—“Big Brother” fans do not fear the end is near. I’m sorry, but the second half of “Big Brother 25” has been the biggest drag of a season in years. It is reminding me of “Big Brother 16” and I HATED that season with a passion. No one wants a steamroll and that is precisely what we’re getting here. I plan to write another column in depth explaining the big issue with the reality competition series and the producers, in particular Allison Grodner.

With that said, BB can just stop with the double evictions. They are never exciting; I cannot recall one Double Eviction over the past 10 years that entertained the hell out of me. To be honest, the only two memorable DE episodes that I can recall, because they were exciting, was from BB10 and BB13, that is when Michelle and Oliie got the boot, and then the rivalry between Daniele and Jeff culminated with them both seeing the boot. Truth be told there is no Double Eviction more epic than BB6, after Kaysar was evicted, Janelle won HOH and sent Jennifer packing within two days. Hate to say it, but BB should go back to that style of the Double Eviction to maximize chaos. The HOH nominates immediately, but the Power of Veto takes a bit of time to make a wise decision before that final vote before the eviction.

With that said, Bowie won the HOH (oh, jeez, just as it looked like Cirie was about to edge out a win FINALLY). She nominated America and Felicia, and in the process tanked ANY CHANCE OF A JURY WANTING TO GIVE HER A VICTORY. Bowie Jane is like Christmas, someone who is playing for the TEAM and not to win. BB is not a team sport, only one person can win the game. Please stop casting people who are not selfishly playing the game for themselves. It makes for terrible gameplay. Matt won POV and then America is out.

So this Final Five HOH is critical because as a viewer we desperately needed Cirie or Felicia to win to shake the game. One good thing was Jag didn’t win, but his ally Matt did. Yes, Matt and Jag went after Cirie and Felicia, instead of targeting one another. So the steamroll continued as Cirie and Felicia are just such threats, Matt had to nominate them, after promising Cirie she would not touch the block.

Matt, this is a jury of seven. All it takes is one vote to lose the game, people really need to study the jury from BB18 and BB19 and they will understand why Paul lost two times back-to-back by one vote. How you treat people matters, and Bowie, Matt and Jag are tanking massively as players. Bowie, your butt has been irrelevant the entire game and you still are. Jag you were evicted 10-0, and then you were brought back and then given an opportunity to play back-to-back HOHs, which has NEVER HAPPENED IN THE GAME’S HISTORY, but for Jag you get that opportunity. If not for the twists, you would be at home watching the season play out, or at the very least you would have been in jury at the final seven.

The week was an absolute bust and Jag won another POV and is one win from tying records by Janelle and Michael (actual players that the audience could root for) for all time competition wins. He has an asterisk though because he was evicted from the game and came back, Michael and Janelle were not. Not to mention, Jag is more of a bully than he realizes, and I’m wondering if he and Matt and Bowie have forgotten the live feeders see everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Talk about bullying or rattling a 63-year-old woman so she doesn’t win the upcoming HOH is not a good look.

There is no one left to root for beyond Felicia because Cirie is likely getting the boot this week because Matt is a great social player, but strategically he’s an idiot who lacks the finesse to fight for what he wants and just gives into whatever Jag wants. I don’t feel upset at this point because I just want this season to end already; the second half has been abysmal and just downright boring as hell. I think Cirie is ready to go, and she just has one week left before she can exit that house and never have to deal with any of these people again.

This FINAL FOUR HOH better be a damn quiz. In particular, the What’s The Bleep or Before and After. Either would be great for Felicia. It is the only thing that could redeem this season is if Felicia wins the final four HOH and Matt, Jag and Bowie realize one of them is headed to the jury house, similar to what JC did in BB20. It could happen and wouldn’t it be fantastic TV to see those three have to kiss Felicia’s butt. I mean the HOH doesn’t matter it is the POV because the winner determines the vote for the week. However, with Felicia as HOH, Matt, Jag or Bowie would have to get MAJOR BLOOD on their hands and oh, it would be delicious TV to witness.