HOLLYWOOD—Well, for a season that started off so strong, I’m starting to get concerned. Why? The twists are becoming a bit much. Last week, threw all “Big Brother” fans for a loop with the unexpected eviction of contestant Luke Valentine, which many of us suspected would lead to the cancellation of the first eviction. Nope. Kirsten was evicted by a vote of 13-0, and this rumor about an 18th houseguest was just that, a rumor. Yeah, one would have expected the show to cancel the eviction since a houseguest was unexpectedly removed from the game, but BB and their twists; they just have to have them.

The new HOH competition was an interesting one; something not seen on the series before, think musical chairs with clues, as part of the Nether region. However, the special effects were horrid. At the end of the day it was Hisam who gained control. It was his second competition win and he would add another before the week culminated, as well as an ego and a case of HOHitis that was quite bad.

Jared was forced to stay in the Nether region as the second place loser. However, it came with a twist when he returned. He had to send someone else in the house to the Nether region which meant they would be safe for the week. Yeah, Jared trying to win HOH would have been devastating for his game because he would have been forced to show his cards. This twist really amped up the game because Reilly who was in serious danger begged Jared to save her as she was Hisam’s top target, but Jared chose Jag after speaking to Cirie.

Yeah, that was difficult no matter what. He should have picked someone like Red who doesn’t have ties to the other side. Jag, Reilly and Blue are there, but they still haven’t pinpointed that Jared is the mole in their alliance of 8, they pointed the finger at Cameron. Cameron did spill plenty to the other side, but it was Jared who delivered the blow people.

Jag is still playing the game a few days behind from everyone else. His opponents have ammunition on him that he just isn’t aware of yet, and he has to play catch up immediately. Blue and Jared could be a potential showmance, as well as Matt and Reilly. Hmm, I wonder how Cirie will feel about her son getting into a showmance. To be honest it helps her game, as Blue and Jared become immediate targets. The problem is what information Jared shares with Blue. Jared is a talker and he talks too much at times.

Matt and Reilly are cute as well, and it is good to see that Matt has someone assisting him in the game. Seeing what Matt had to endure during the live eviction was so damn frustrating. You all have a hard of hearing contestant, dammit you should have accommodations in play for him. It is just unacceptable I’m sorry. So Hisam is playing this martyr role and it is uncomfortable to watch. He doesn’t realize this is BB; you have to lie, backstab, deceive and get blood on your hands, but he can do it, but no one else can?

Like, you believe Cameron over Reilly who was honest that you were considered a target for her? Cameron is chatting with Red about targeting you! Cameron just gives odd vibes. His mental f***ry of Reilly in week one was haunting to watch, and he’s rubbing so many houseguests wrong they want him out. Hisam nominated Reilly and Cameron, with Reilly as the target, but there is the possibility that Cameron could find himself blindsided come Thursday. Cirie has dropped some tidbits about wanting Cameron out because he’s a danger as a player; he is. He is not to be trusted. Reilly on the other hand is a big figure head for the other side of the house, but I think Jag is the bigger threat of that alliance; he has the brains, if he could just get up to date on the information he’d be super dangerous.

I personally want Cameron out, I would be more eager to see Reilly still in the house and causing Hisam to spiral knowing a threat is still in the house after him. The problem with betraying Hisam is that he might not forget it and could easily align with the other side to target his allies who betrayed him. That is a problem because Hisam won his second consecutive Power of Veto this week. Yes, Hisam has won 3 of the 4 competitions he has competed in. That is dangerous and the target on his back is magnifying, from the other side, as well as his own alliance.

They see he will be a tough person to seal a jury vote if you betray him and they are right. However, targeting him in week three is not a smart move, if anything deal the blow to him right before jury starts because his ability to win competitions can help his side dwindle the numbers on the opposing side who happens to be a bit more athletic. Now we haven’t had any quizzes yet, but I’m certain one is soon coming for the week three HOH unless we get a crap shoot competition, which is very possible and likely with the number of people still in the game.

Hisam was all over the place, first thinking Reilly, then Matt, then Cameron and then Blue as a possible target for the week. What Hisam fails to realize is once nominations are locked, the control is out of your hands unless it’s a tie vote. The house dictates who stays and who goes, and I don’t think this is a unanimous victory. Why?

Cory wants to keep Reilly, Cirie wants to keep her, Izzy absolutely hates Cameron, that is 3 votes already, and if you add up Matt, Blue, Jag and America’s votes that is 7 total. You have a tie vote, they would just need Felicia, Jared or Mecole to break that tie and it is very possible. I would lean towards Mecole being the potential tie breaker if that is the case, but it is not solidified. The week two eviction could be a major turning point in the game because it could cause an alliance to blow up and re-shake alliances in the house, which makes for a fun game people. A flip was on come Monday night, then is marinated even more on Tuesday, then it seemed to be up in the air as of Wednesday morning. Yeah, people are starting to realize Mecole’s logic was accurate. Don’t blindside an ally if there is no massive benefit to you in doing so. Keeping Reilly keeps her side stronger, if you blindside Hisam you can lose him to the other side. It’s a dangerous move.

For those asking why I haven’t really mentioned Bowie or America it is because they are like absent on the live feeds and the same is being echoed in the episodes. On a side note, these multi-verses are truly driving me crazy people. First we have Humili-verse and now Scary-verse, which means the Comic-verse is likely unleashed in week three, and who knows what surprise will be unleashed.

I’m leaning more and more towards Reilly getting the boot on Thursday night, but the house is very tense and it could sway either way meaning, Cameron and Hisam could find themselves blindsided on Thursday people. I like this chaos though, it makes for a very interesting game, however, with Bowie being sent to the Nether region by Jag and not being able to compete in the POV.

It makes the house suspect someone might lose their vote on Thursday or even more detrimental: they can’t compete in the upcoming HOH competition. Now that is a twist I wouldn’t be rooting for, unless that person gets automatic safety, but that card was already played so what else do you have up your sleeve BB gods?