HOLLYWOOD—In less than a week it will all be over America, that’s all you have to keep telling yourselves. I’m referring to the boredom that has been the heavily anticipated and long delayed second installment of “Big Brother: All-Stars” for the CBS reality competition series. I believe we are in week 11 however, this season has seemed to drag more than I ever imagined. Memphis was blindsided, but not really if you ask me based on how he seemed to know it was coming when host Julie Chen revealed the vote.

It almost feels like anyone sitting next to Christmas is doomed to be evited. First Kaysar, then Tyler and now Memphis; that is three major targets when you consider the fact that Christmas is sitting right next to them. Like, if I’m Christmas I would be using that as a plus if I made it to the final two and I was speaking to the jury. With that said, we got another jury segment, yeah, it’s clear the editors are running out of content to show for the series. With that said, we learned that people realize that Cody is still playing the best game out of everyone left in the game, and he seems unstoppable, which we will get to shortly.

With that said, Kaysar returned to announce the next HOH competition, which I honestly thought was going to be the most beloved comp of all time, the ‘Pressure Cooker,’ but nope, it was Knight Moves, which is really memorable considering that infamous line, “You sealed my fate,” said Maggie. “No, I sealed your partner’s fate,” Kaysar responded. This only led to Nicole, Cody and Enzo realizing that Kaysar is indeed loved by the public, but them not so much. Yeah, when an all-star who was booted week 4 returns to introduce an HOH competition, then you know the season is bad, and I suspect they absolutely found a way to place this competition into the game; it was NOT pre-planned as the producers like to argue time and time again.

So Cody claimed to manifest a plan to throw the HOH comp in an effort to protect I’m assuming him, Nicole and Enzo. With that said, Enzo should have thrown the comp to Christmas, who would ABSOLUTELY take him to the end, so that he could have played a role in the blood on Cody or Nicole being evicted on Christmas, with his machinations behind the scenes America.

It’s become a realization for Enzo as Tyler noted he cannot beat Cody if he is sitting next to him in the final two. That sentiment is being echoed for Nicole, but as a winner, it is apparent she is so stupid that she is willing to take him to the end, knowing she will lose, yet she wants to make history by becoming the first two-time winner of the game. Someone please tell me how that is going to work.

Christmas is the ONLY person who has seen how big of a threat Cody was, beyond, Ian, Da’Vonne, Kevin, David and Tyler. It seems like everyone else just wants to give him the money and its beyond frustrating to watch as a fan of the series. Why can’t we have more self-interested players in the game people, why? These let’s take our best buddies to the end players make it clear that the game of “Big Brother” is broken and needs a major revamping, major.

Enzo became HOH and nominated Christmas and Nicole, even though he let it be known to America he wanted Christmas to stay and for Nicole to be booted. Too bad that was not what Cody wanted. The HOH means nothing, the POV was the crucial power as it controls the vote for the week. I can think of a fix for this. Implement a technique used in “Survivor,” the final four HOH is immunity, but everyone else gets to vote, so it’s a free for all when it comes to strategy. Whoever gets the most votes, they’re evicted, if it’s a tie, it becomes a battle for endurance, who wants it best and the winner stays in the game, the loser is out.

Cody won the POV securing his spot in the final three and adding another victory to his mantle a total of 7 at this point. Too bad he won’t break that record held by Janelle of 9 wins the entire season. Sorry buddy, close, but not that close. So come Thursday we should expect Christmas to walk out the door because Cody has wanted her gone for such a long time. We’re stuck with an Enzo, Cody and Nicole final three (yeah) and we’re likely to get a jury segment where maybe, just maybe the merits of Nicole’s game will finally be discussed. I don’t expect it to be impressive America.

Is she doesn’t cut Cody, she’s not winning this game, same applies to Enzo. I think Cody knows both would take him to the final two, but there is a chance, while slim both will make the move all of America is asking: cut Cody! Do not hold your breath though, I mean this is all-stars and guess what the POV was only used TWICE, TWICE the entire season, beyond baffling America. That just says a ton about the level of gameplay this season, subpar at best.