HOLLYWOOD—It could have been a triple eviction that changed the game of “Big Brother: All-Stars” in a way that fans never expected, but this season is in the dumpster people. “Big Brother: All-Stars” cannot end sooner enough if you ask me and it’s not because my favorites are all gone, it’s because I’m bored to death. I mean we had a boring week of Cody and now we have another boring week of Cody America. Ugh, damn why can’t we have some sort of shakeup in this game, I mean NOTHING, nothing has gone the way of the fans since the series premiered August 5.

Let me take that back, Kaysar won the Safety Suite delivering a ripple in the Cody’s plans week one and David used his Disruptor power and Da’Vonne won veto forcing Ian to be evicted in Week 6. Those were the only exciting moments we’ve had all season. Mark my words now this will go down in the top five worst seasons of BB ever. We knew the Triple Eviction was looming and it almost brought some excitement. Almost. Kevin was evicted by a unanimous 6-0 vote, and then the double eviction was announced.

Memphis won the first HOH which was a major sigh because we knew David was going to be nominated and for reasons I cannot fathom. What the hell is Memphis’ issue with David? He’s a rookie, ok, get over it. The guy is such a douche and a tool; little does he know the backlash he will face when he gets out of the house for his treatment of Ian people. He nominated David alongside Nicole and then Christmas won a puzzle veto and did not use it. I wish Tyler would have talked her into using it on David, but then he would have been at risk of going up.

So Julie and company spoiled the triple eviction because the houseguests could see it on the screen and Nicole got nervous as hell. Tyler and Christmas made a move to vote out Nicole, a previous winner America, but Enzo who talks so much about making big moves in the diary room chickened out after being told by Tyler to vote Nicole out. The same guy who has been talking about it for weeks, but he decided to vote out David. Oh, I’m so over Enzo, stop talking about what you’re going to do if you have no intent to do it. You are a hype man, plain and simple, all talk, but no bite.

Enzo is so far up Cody’s ass it’s not even funny anymore. Damn, I so wish we had gotten Hayden Voss or Matt Hoffman from The Brigade over this character who has run out of shtick. So David goes on a 3-2 vote, and we have our confirmation of the Triple Eviction, with Tyler and Xmas in major trouble. I was on edge, but then in another quiz HOH, Tyler, Cody and Xmas were left remaining. Tyler edged out the win and went after Nicole and Dani, gosh I wished he would have took just a moment to connect the dots to realize Cody and Enzo betrayed him, meaning he’s aligned with Nicole and he needed to put Dani on the backburner and nominate some combination of Cody, Nicole or Enzo. He did not and nominated Dani and Nicole.

Another puzzle veto, and Tyler dominated holding all the power. He could have made a move against Cody or Enzo, he wouldn’t have gotten them out, but it would mean Nicole would be out if he used the veto on Dani. However, he would have taken out Nicole a previous winner and ally to Cody. Taking her out severs Cody a ton and it would have been amazing to see. Nicole whined about being betrayed, got dammit Nicole, shut-up already. The level of entitlement because people choose to take a shot at you is part of the game, you are not immune and take a look in the mirror before you call someone a liar or snake.

Nicole Franzel has betrayed and backstabbed people all the time, but the moment it happens to her, that crying starts and it’s just annoying. Please god if there is another returnee or all-star season, the producers better skip her number in the phone book because I am so over her. With the backlash she is certain to get when she gets out the house, it should be a sign for her to never return to BB.

Cody won the next HOH (great), and he nominated Tyler and Christmas. He then won the veto and chose not to use it with Tyler being the target, after Christmas was the initial target. Tyler spilled to Enzo about ‘The Committee’ alliance (which was a major mistake), he should have just kept his lips locked, but Enzo is SO BLIND to the fact that Cody is going to cut him at F3 for Nicole that it’s going to be a dagger just like BB12, oh well. However, leaving Christmas in the game over Tyler is bad for Cody.

Without a doubt, she can win a competition and since the next will be endurance (it has to be we’ve only had one so far this season) with Enzo likely to throw, only Nicole, Xmas and Memphis can win. Memphis is not winning a Slip N Slide nor the spinning desk which has become a staple. I can however, see Xmas winning that and if she does, Cody and Nicole are touching the block, and I will be living for it. I never expected in a million years I would be rooting for Xmas of all people at this point in the season to shakeup the game America.

Enzo would have to win a veto to save them both, and I don’t see that happening with Xmas and Memphis knowing if one of them doesn’t win veto it can jeopardize their plans. Cody and Enzo are not thinking this far ahead and it’s going to hurt them people. Why? If Nicole wins veto, Enzo is the renom and then Memphis votes to evict Cody, Nicole votes to evict Enzo, and Xmas breaks the tie and Cody is out the game.

Honestly, this would be the only salvation for the season if you ask me and I’m all for it, especially if Tyler goes this week. That means it’ll be Xmas and Memphis against Nicole and Enzo, and I can see Memphis winning that final four HOH (likely a quiz) and nominating Enzo and Nicole and it all comes down to veto. If Memphis, Enzo or Xmas wins POV, Nicole is out and I would be ok with that final three and give Memphis the win cause he’s played the best out of the three. However, if Xmas is the catalyst for taking out Cody and Nicole those are major moves and as a jury member, I might not like her, but I’d appreciate the moves she made.

Cody thinking he can beat Nicole in a final two is a mistake because as a jury I would argue, why would you let a winner get this far and he might be facing a bitter jury if Memphis, Enzo, Tyler, Dani and Kevin all have bad blood against him, meaning Nicole wins and likely had no competition wins along the way. There is NO WAY Nicole is winning an endurance HOH at the final five or final four if either Xmas or Tyler is still in the house, it’s not happening and we’ve ONLY had 1 endurance all season, so I expect an endurance coming this week, which is the last hope to shake up this season which is slated to end in about 3 weeks America.