HOLLYWOOD—This really was one of the best new TV shows of 2020. I’m referring the ABC’s “Big Sky.” The drama which I would argue is more of a mystery had a cunning premise: two girls go missing and it becomes a hunt to discover who kidnapped them and what they are planning to do with them. I mean we all thought Ryan Phillippe was the star of the series, but that was shut down in the first episode after he was killed at the end of the first episode. Yeah, to say it was a shocker was an understatement America.

The mid-season finale, which managed to reach its climax in five episodes where the audience learned Rick Legarski was shot by Cassie and presumed dead. However, surprise, he survived that gun shot, and the chaos is just beginning. I was worried how the series would continue with the mystery of the girls being solved. However, there is so much more story to tell people.

Merilee was in turmoil over the fact that her husband had been up to no good, Cassie and Jenny discovered Cody’s bloodied body and his truck which was buried and the ramifications of Cody’s demise was having a major impact on many lives. With all this madness, Ronald was starting to unravel in the worst ways. The walls were starting to close in and with his mother worried sick about her son, the question would turn to: would she rat him out?

Yes, Ronald you do have a big problem because the survivors are well aware of your face and if a picture comes across their faces they will be able to immediately point him out. The fact that the authorities seem to think Cassie was in the wrong for firing at a dirty cop responsible for kidnapping underage girls is unfathomable. Ronald was busy covering his tracking by painting over his truck and eliminating any evidence that could link him to Rick or the kidnapped girls. Jenny hoping to gain as much Intel as possible had a conversation with Jerrie hoping to put the pieces together to locate Ronald who was already busy spying on the two women outside of that diner, without their knowledge. Merilee was taken aback when Jenny confronted her about her hubby’s wicked actions, and I know we’re supposed to feel sorry for Merilee, but as a viewer I can’t. I simply can’t because her husband was such a wicked fiend people. He got what he deserved.

Knowing that Rick kept secret files inside his home, Ronald was determined to find a way to retrieve such files so he could not be identified. I wonder how he plans to make that happen with cops swarming that home for any evidence they can find. Cody was memorialized by Jenny and Cassie, just as Grace hoped for an update on her kidnapper.

Jerri found herself on edge as she thought someone was stalking her yet again, it was just a friend ensuring that she was ok. Upon arriving home, she received a message on her door that read, “You Don’t Learn.” Just as Rick regained consciousness by opening his eyes. I don’t know what it is about “Big Sky,” but this series is so damn compelling people I don’t want to miss an episode. “Big Sky” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.