HOLLYWOOD—It has indeed been some time since we last spoke about the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” so let’s get you caught up. The custody battle between Adam and Nick rages on involving Christian, but with a slight misdirect: both guys lost custody of the kid. Victoria is now his legal guardian per instructions of the court. So it looks like Adam’s dirty tactics to bribe a judge back fired on him. Adam is causing some major issues with Sharon and Rey’s relationship, so much to the point that Rey has moved out of Sharon’s home.

Yes, I sense a tinge of jealously from Rey as he knows Sharon’s heart is still open to Adam. Sharon is continuing to deny whatever else already sees. Not good Sharon, not good at all. Adam is also causing the dark side of attorney Michael Baldwin to come to light. Like it’s no secret to “Y&R” fans that Michael has always had a dark side, but Adam pushing Kevin to do his dirty work, while asking Michael to also do his bidding is causing Michael to embrace his dark side.

He’s already considering the notion of running for District Attorney, and to be honest I think it’s a job that Michael has been angling for years. With Christine out of contention, Michael might seem like the perfect candidate, but precisely what is Michael planning to neutralize Adam Newman, or better question, what does he have in store to send Adam a clear signal that his dark side is more nefarious than Adam could have ever expected?

Phyllis is starting to get back into the good graces with the residents of Genoa City, but is it all for show or has the woman actually turned over a new leaf? She is working to take Dark Horse assets and return them to Nick who has been an emotional mess since losing Christian. The one bright point for Nick is he has Chelsea by his side, and she has come into a hefty sum of monies thanks to her late hubby Calvin. We all know Chelsea’s mother Anita will be pleased with this revelation.

However, let’s talk about perhaps the most intriguing storyline of them all right now involving Billy Abbott. Billy has been spiraling ever since learning Adam Newman is alive. I mean it is a sore spot for any parent: his child was killed as a result of Adam’s actions. Adam never paid for the crime and Chloe and Billy have BOTH attempted to move on with their lives, but that is impossible America.

Billy has been having visions, hearing voices, all memories of his daughter Delia. This week things took a turn for the worse with Billy taking some slipping pills and finding himself at the Chancellor Estate and the kids all home alone. Yes, that worried Victoria a great deal and she should be concerned. Something is off with her hubby, and it seems like someone could be toying with Billy or he’s about to take matters into his own hands and finish Adam Newman off once and for all.

I pegged this weeks ago, and it looks like we are getting much closer to another climatic battle between Adam and Billy. I’m wondering with the news of Billy Miller exiting “General Hospital,” if it’s possible he’ll reassume his role as Billy Abbott, one of the best to ever do it in coming weeks. I mean “GH” and “Y&R” have been swapping actors and actresses lately and I would not be mad to see Miller back at his original stomping ground, which would allow “GH” to bring back Jason Thompson to the soap that made him a household name. It’s possible people that’s all I’m saying.