HELLO AMERICA!—It is amazing that some stars believe the passing of time will or can make a difference in their image. Former Miss America, Vanessa Williams, is one of those who broke even with this scandalous act, the singer-actress treated her waiting guests with contempt and total disrespect. When invited to one of her concerts held at the Universal Studio Theater, insisting that some of us from the press join her outside her dressing room for a brief celebratory party, she refused to come out to welcome the invited press.

Of course, it created quite a fuss! Even though the concert was quite enjoyable, she came across quite a credible performer who happened to be a de-crowned Miss America dealing with a scandal. Williams has received a few impressive acting roles since those years, but her cold and rude turn dealing with the press has not been forgotten.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s film “Skyscraper” is out of sight! The story is compelling, actors are totally believable; they all seem to belong together. Johnson is one damn exciting film actor; he is Superman and Batman together and he is totally believable! He immediately made you believe that he was anything or anyone, but the character he so brilliantly created. This is the kind of film story I have been hoping and preaching about for years. Characters who didn’t represent color, simply human beings with challenges and problems like millions of others around the world. No wonder Dwayne is one of the highest paid film actors in the world today.

Terry Crews is receiving raves at every turn. Hosting “America’s Got Talent” has made this show even more exciting. The judging panel is very special, and Terry is the icing on the cake. Of course, the world applauds Terry as a fantastic football player, but when dealing with the talent and audience is something rather special.

“The Talk,” a CBS talk show continues to be very special. The panel which includes Sheryl Underwood, Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne, Eve, and Marie Osmond fill the hour with fun, as well as serious banter concerning current headlines and issues. Along with guests, the ladies are a perfect match; they obviously enjoy being together sharing experiences and anything else which might interest faithful followers and new fans. The girls like each other and it is obvious.

Christopher DeVon Cavalier sent a message letting us know that he and wife Julie have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. However, in a few weeks, he will be back working on his documentary about Hollywood life. He has filmed much of his project in Sacramento as well as San Francisco. The Los Angeles schedule will include homes and places where those from the golden years hung out, this means Beverly Hills and Brentwood.