MALIBU—Blake Lively’s father, Ernie Lively, has died at age 74 after facing cardiac complications. Blake Lively paid tribute to her father in an Instagram post on Thursday, June 10. 

In the post, Blake Lively is rested against her dad’s shoulder and she captioned the image with a brown heart. She has not issued a statement on her dad’s passing. 

Ernie Lively starred in many different movies and T.V. shows, but he is most known for his role in the sitcom Dukes Of Hazzard, where he played the role of Longstreet B. Davenport. He also played alongside his daughter Blake Lively in the movie The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants as her on-screen father.

Ernie Lively is from Baltimore, Maryland, and is survived by his wife, Elaine Lively, and their two children Blake Lively and Eric Lively. He also is survived by his three adopted children from his wife’s previous marriage: Lori, Robyn, and Jason. 

Ernie Lively suffered a massive heart attack in 2003 and was treated with stem-cell therapy in 2013. He passed in Los Angeles, where he was surrounded by his wife and children.