BEVERLY HILLS—The Sun reported on Friday, May 8, that the notorious ‘Bling Ring’ burglars once targeted the mansion which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now live in.

The Bling Ring was a group of 7 teenage and young adult thieves who burglarized several celebrity homes almost 12 years ago. Their activities allowed them to steal cash and belongings worth a total of approximately $3 million – all members were eventually convicted. A 2013 Sofia Coppola-directed movie called “The Bling Ring” was based on the group’s exploits.

TV producer and author Carleton Eastlake, a neighbor of the Sussexes, told The Sun how Bling Ring members once climbed over the fences surrounding Beverly Ridge Estates, the neighborhood where Harry and Meghan live.

“Harry and Meghan have chosen the perfect place to base themselves,” Eastlake said. “Security was ratcheted up on the estate after it was targeted by the Bling Ring. Those guys came down the hills and got over the fence that used to be there but they didn’t get into any of the houses, luckily. After that, new security measures were put in places and it’s one of the safest most secure places in LA now.”

The Sussexes have reportedly been living in the Beverly Hills mega-mansion since they moved to California in March. The property is currently owned by celebrity Tyler Perry, and it is unclear as to whether the house is being rented or borrowed.

A 35-year-old neighbor told The Sun that “to be honest, it’s annoying that they’re near here. It means there’ll be more tourist buses coming by than before to see where celebrities live. We do get a lot of fans driving through and blocking the roads, now it will be worse. But we wish them well. The estate is very secluded, very secure. I am sure it is what they want.”