HOLLYWOOD—More and more people are starting to discover that Bo Brady is alive on “Days of Our Lives.” First, it was Kayla who learned her brother has returned from the dead, but he’s not himself. You can add another person to the list: Steve. Yes, Steve came face-to-face with his bestie and was stunned speechless. Bo was moonlighting as Shane Donovan to get his hands on those prisms at the Greek Police Station that is needed for the youth serum.

Yes, Bo wants his hands on those prisms just as much as everyone else including Alex (back in Salem). More on that later. Bo plans to use Kayla to help develop the serum using the prisms. However, that might be easier said than done, now that Bo has added another hostage at Victor’s Greek landscape. Stephanie did recall hearing Victor Kiriakis’ name while speaking on the phone with her mother, which could be another clue for her, Chad and Marlena to locate Kayla.

Greece is getting packed with visitors as Hope and Harris has descended on the country in hopes of locating Kayla and those prisms also. Little does Hope know she is in close proximity to her one true love! Harris was mere inches from Bo and forced to stay quiet about his survival when it comes to Hope. For some reason, Bo doesn’t want Fancy Face to realize he is alive and I fear it’s because she will get him to return to his true self after being brainwashed by Megan who is continuing to taunt the residents of Salem with the secrets that she is holding people.

EJ, Stefan, Gabi and Nicole are still trying to outwit one another, but it appears that EJ may have gained the edge. How so? He captured footage of Stefan and Gabi in bed together, per the DiMera tunnels. I can understand Stefan and Gabi wanting to be together, but they should have picked a better location than the home Stefan shares with EJ. I mean this guy is always snooping around. It does appear Nicole and EJ are moving full steam ahead with a romance, but I feel that is only until Sami Brady makes her presence known again. Where Li falls in all of this, I’m not sure, because he promised those shares to Gabi, and Gabi has broken the deal, but Li delivered the first punch when he lied about Stefan being alive and programming him to fall in love with Chloe.

Tripp confessed to Wendy how he truly feels and they shared a kiss and agreed to a date. That date had to be postponed because Joey found himself in the hospital and Tripp had to take a flight out of town. I said it before it was just a matter of time before Wendy and Tripp aligned, as it was apparent the writers wanted to see Chanel and Johnny reunite. My only question is where does that leave Talia, Jada’s sister? Talia has been a help to Paulina who has been suffering from panic attacks, with the increasing ‘threats’ by Sloan. However, I just don’t see the writers pairing Talia with Chanel, as it appears Johnny is the endgame people.

Sloan is not issuing those threats to Paulina or Chanel. Someone is setting her up people; it is as obvious as day and night. Which means it’s up to Sloan and Eric to find out who is framing her for crimes that she hasn’t committed like drugging the baked goods at Sweet Bits that left several Salemites in the hospital. The drugged biscuits led to Johnny proposing to Chanel, Stefan thinking Melinda was Gabi, and Gabi thinking Li was Stefan and Nicole spotting Eric in his priest gear, and those two making out!

The big stunner was the revelation that Talia drugged the biscuits, but I’m trying to figure out why? What was the motive and if she is the one setting up Sloan, what is her reasoning people. I’ve very intrigued by this development and eager to see where this is headed. Gwen and Brady are not happy that Chloe and Xander are getting closer. I actually like this pairing, yes, endgame I want to see Chloe with Brady, as I truly believe those two belong together and they always have. Brady senses Chloe falling thru his clutches, just as her bond with Xander is starting to build, and he should be worried people. Lots of fun is unfolding in Salem right now!