HOLLYWOOD—Wow, that is the only word that I can use to describe how juicy good the storylines have been for the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” since August. It kicked off with a murder mystery in August that left viewers reeling, from there; we got the returns of Salem favorites like Steve, Bo, Sami, Andre, Shawn Douglass, and a bevy of others who will arrive on the canvas in the coming weeks.

When you celebrate a milestone, you do things big and “Days of Our Lives” is pulling out all the stops to keep viewers glued to the TV screen. The Necktie Killer mystery was a delicious whodunit. I mean I had my suspicions that Ben was the culprit, but to see the character go from such a transformation has proved quite interesting to say the least. I mean first he knocked off Serena, then Paige, but it was the death of Will Horton, that totally changed the landscape. It delivered a heavy burden of sorrow across Salem, and brought vixen Sami Brady home with vengeance on her mind.

Ben savagely beat Chad placing him in a coma and is now holding Abigail hostage at the Horton cabin. Chad is eagerly baiting his time while locked up in a prison cell, but with the latest ‘murder’ in Salem, Chad was released and went searching for Abigail who is in dire need cause that baby is ready to pop. Yes, last week kicked of the bicentennial for the residents of Salem and with that celebration involved a long-awaited wedding between Aiden and Hope. Caroline did her best to halt the nuptials for her son Bo, but her delusions had everyone concerned.

Enter Andre and Stephano DiMera’s plan to use Aiden to murder Hope. This I just don’t get. There is a reason they want Hope dead, but the writers have yet to let the viewers in on that secret. We can expect that bombshell to unfold in coming weeks, because my money tells me that the DiMera family is behind Bo’s disappearance for the past three years. We should expect a confrontation between the Brady and DiMera clan real soon that can result in epic battle lines being drawn.

Back to the madness, Aiden decided to murder Hope per Andre’s instructions to eliminate his debt he owes and the pressure was certainly getting to him, but he moved along with his plan. This was the second time in weeks that “Days” pulled out all the stunts for an epic fight; first Chad and Ben, now Hope, Aiden and Bo. Hope is no pushover; she stabbed her assailant with a letter opener, before unmasking her new hubby. This resulted in a battle as Hope did her best to get her gun, but it was Bo who rushed in last minute to save his ‘Fancy Face’ by fatally shooting Aiden.

Yep, Aiden is a goner, Stephano and Andre are busy covering their tracks, and expect plenty of emotions to erupt. Another juicy storyline emerging is the return of Sami who divulged details to her parents about her suspicion that her hubby EJ may not be dead after all. From the “Days” 50th promo we know that Andre and his goons will attempt to kidnap Sami to halt her from blowing the whistle on their plans. If that chaos wasn’t enough to keep you glued, Abe FINALLY has a storyline as his long lost daughter Lani Price has returned to town, Steve and Kayla realize a big threat gulp, Ava Vitali is back in Salem and has some sinister plans in store.

Oh, I forgot to mention that someone is spying on John Black and Marlena Evans. Hmm, any guesses who that might be. “Days of Our Lives” is proving that for November sweeps you have to pull out all the stunts. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at their ratings, which have soared in recent weeks.