HOLLYWOOD—At last, someone has decided to put Adam Newman in his place on “The Young and the Restless.” Its two people I least expected: Victor and Sharon. Realizing that Adam was a serious threat to himself and those surrounding him, Victor had his son committed with Sharon’s help. Adam was not pleased by the move, but the more I think about it, could he blame them? He planned to do something at Newman Enterprises, placing the lives of his family and countless others in serious danger in the process.

Adam is furious, but he slightly understands why his father and former flame did what they did. With that said, the person the most livid about the result was Chelsea. I swear I don’t understand this woman. One minute she hates Adam, the next minute she loves him to death. Does she not understand how toxic he is to her? He had you kidnapped, drugged and held hostage against your will Chelsea. Does that sound like a man who loves you?

I mean seriously think about that. We know she can do crazy things when her back is against the wall, but to issue threats to both Victor and Sharon? I get Sharon, but Victor is the last person you want to issue a threat to Chelsea. This is only creating more chaos as Rey continues his quest to find Adam’s shooter and has his money pegged on Billy. Like I said before, Billy is the biggest red herring possible so it’s not him, and if I’m being honest I think Adam staged the whole fight America. It makes perfect sense to get back at the guy whose guts he despises.

Billy has other issues to worry about, like his budding romance with Lily. I think I was the first person to call this out months ago, so I am happy to toot my horn to see this actually come to fruition America. Billy should be focused on the possibility that he could be locked away for attempted murder with all the evidence seeming to point in his direction. Billy should be celebrating his niece Abby’s big wedding day to Chance, just as Nina has returned to town for the nuptials. Must say, Chance recovered fairly quickly after being near death less than 2 weeks ago.

That is the power of television right? Abby is having cold feet with the marriage, but dear ole mom Ashley was there to guide her daughter thru her fears. This was a lighter note of drama compared to what Jack and Kyle encountered after learning that Theo was INDEED up to no good planning to sue the Abbott’s for Dina’s estate. Yeah, it gave Kyle the confirmation he needed to never trust his cousin, just as we keep having this circle jerk with Summer and Kyle’s relationship. One can only hope a resolution comes sooner than later, because Summer is nothing more than a spoiled brat, who has annoyed me to the core America.

It’s worth noting Sally quickly changed gears when she realized that Summer got a gig that she was after deciding to spill to Jack what Theo was up to. Sally did you not learn your lesson about scheming back in Los Angeles? Apparently not, but when the woman wants something she goes for it. In other news, Devon and Nate have become cordial as it became clear to Elena that her tryst with Nate was NOT just that, she has actual feelings for him.