HOLLYWOOD—I prayed to the powers that be that when Dr. Finn arrived on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” that he would be the vital element to finally pry Steffy Forrester out of Liam Spencer’s orbit. I mean this ongoing love triangle between Liam, Steffy and Hope has been transpiring for nearly a decade, and it’s 2020 and guess what, we’re at it once again.

I am so done, I am over this storyline it is beyond boring and recycled to the core that I know I’m NOT the only viewer who has had it with the writers giving us the same thing over and over again without something fresh or original. With that said, this silly and unbelievable doll obsession storyline with Thomas and ‘Hope’ Too, as she has been coined by the fandom is the craziest, somewhat stupidest idea I’ve seen in the soap arena. At first I wanted to give it a shot, but what transpired last week finally crossed the line for me.

How so? Thomas was seen making out with the doll, yes, that Hope doll. Making the situation worse was the fact that Liam, who just cannot get over his Thomas obsession, dropped by Thomas’ apartment where he thought he heard and witnessed something that was not accurate. Thomas was kissing a doll Liam, not your wife. In a frenzy, Liam spilled his guts to Steffy while drunk. It led to the two sleeping together again. Ugh, I mean how many times has LIAM cheated on Hope with Steffy? Let’s just consider the past year people. Um he kissed Steffy at the beach house, then he slept with her after being drugged by Thomas, and now we have this.

Hmm, Hope, you can do a lot better. It is seriously time to boot Liam to the curb he doesn’t deserve you considering how loyal you have been to him. It is so unfortunate, what is worst, is the fact that Finn is about to be burned by Steffy and their relationship just kicked off. What the hell is it with the writers and this recycled Steffy and Liam storyline that they cannot let it go? I don’t get it, I wish I could understand it, but I cannot America, I just cannot.

With that said Liam and Steffy realized their mistake after being drunk and came to the conclusion that they could tell no one. Too bad Liam didn’t actually speak to Hope, but instead continued to lie to her about his whereabouts, because he could have confirmed that Hope was at home with Douglas and Wyatt of all people can vouch for his former flame and his brother’s wife. This all culminated with Thomas absolutely spiraling in the worst possible way, as he faltered with those hallucinations, just as Finn and Hope tried to get thru to him. Thomas is very sick people and it’s not looking good, as Hope of all people say him flipping out on that doll in utter shock.

Thomas is indeed sick and that was proven this week with Hope and Finn staging an intervention to get the fashion designer the help he needs. Oh, Steffy and Liam are feeling guilty as hell America, especially Liam. It raises the question rather this could push Finn and Hope into one another’s arms? I seriously doubt that because that is not Hope’s character and she really doesn’t want to see her family torn apart with Douglas now part of the mix.

I’m guessing this secret is going to be dragged into February sweeps, but I’m hoping that is not the case America, I really hope that is not the case because it will bore me silly if that is the case.