HOLLYWOOD—The question I need for fans out there of the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” to answer for me is why has the soap been so boring the past year? I know it a blunt statement to make, but I feel like as an avid fan the drama has been subpar, at best the past 12 months. Nothing of serious quality has exploded in my opinion. We have not had that story that just blew the socks off of viewers, and I am having trouble trying to figure out why?

What can the soap do to make things better? It is not like they don’t have the caliber of actors and actresses to deliver the goods on the acting front people. It is there, it is all about finding some narratives and storylines that can propel things to really get the viewers wanting to know what is going to happen next. You can miss a week of episodes and to be honest you haven’t really missed much at all.

It really sucks for me to say this, but I said this in the past that Adam Newman has been the MVP of the soap in the past year. It was Adam who was at the center of most of the drama as of late and because of that it created ripples that stretched out other storylines if you ask me. With that said, you still have Adam at the forefront of some narratives, this time on a touching note as he juggles a medical crisis involving who some deemed the love of his life, Chelsea. Chelsea has suffered a major setback where she is confined to a wheelchair, unable to verbally communicate and is in the need of a caretaker.

That image of seeing Chelsea in that chair was jarring to see least for me as a viewer, but I’m glad to see the writers attempt to give Adam a vulnerable side. He’s not all madness and mayhem people. However, his unexpected arrival at Sharon and Rey’s nuptials made it clear that he still has a torch for this woman, one that burns stronger than one could imagine and with Chelsea’s current medical crisis this could set-up some interesting dynamics people. Phyllis caught the guy she had formerly aligned with and then betrayed spying on the wedding and called him out on his lingering torch.

It only further solidified to me that Phyllis has nothing to do story wise. Really? A Victoria and Phyllis rivalry, what is fun in that people? I will tell you nothing. Phyllis utilized Kevin to get dirt on Victoria and the fact that she had been doing some shady business under dear ole Victor’s nose that he would not be pleased about. Kevin was apprehensive probably because he knows Victor is the last person he wants to go toe-to-toe with. Hey Kevin, for once I actually agree with that assertion. Stay clear of the moustache buddy.

There is another tale that at first I did not think was going anywhere, that is suddenly going somewhere: Amanda and Hilary’s conception. Amanda learned that her birth mother was not Rose, but her cousin Naya. She had a confrontation with her mother who was shook to the core to come face-to-face with the daughter she thought she would never see. With that said, Amanda learned some harsh truths, details that Naya wished to never have to confront, which she hopes to keep from her husband and daughter, Imani who was NOT happy to learn she has an older sister and that her mother kept secrets. It was gut-wrenching to watch, but this is proof that it is only going to solidify Devon and Amanda’s relationship moving forward.

The rivalry between Summer and Sally is heating up with Summer getting an edge thanks to Flo Fulton of all people. Congrats, America (pure sarcasm) as we get a “Y&R” and “B&B” crossover that is NOT that exciting to say the least people.