HOLLYWOOD—So it looks like Sheila Carter’s plan to take down Brooke Logan on “The Bold and the Beautiful” is working, but I still don’t understand why she is NOT targeting the person she should be going after: Steffy Forrester. I might be one of those people out there, but I’m NOT a fan of Steffy Forrester. She is always sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and she seems to place herself on a pedestal not realizing all the bad she’s done in the past.

The only caveat is the fact that she is with Finn so she can finally stop going after Liam who is happy with Hope for the time being. Sheila swapping that non-alcoholic champagne bottle with real champagne, got Brooke drinking again and she is an emotional mess as a result people. She shared an intense kiss with Deacon which Douglas spotted. Douglas shared that news with Liam who brushed it off, but expect this secret to come back to light in the coming week’s people. There is NO way that it doesn’t happen people!

Brooke has confessed to Ridge that she relapsed and he attended a meeting with her, but she has NOT disclosed that she kissed Deacon on New Year’s Eve and they slept in the same bed. Yeah, Ridge is not going to take that betrayal well. I mean she kissed Bill Spencer, which Ridge eventually forgave, but Deacon that could be a tough pill for him to swallow. I mean Ridge is only going to allow Brooke to keep making mistakes so long before he throws in the towel on his marriage.

Why? He has Taylor Hayes, his ex-wife back in LA and ready to pounce when the time is right. I mean Steffy and Thomas are pushing their mother to go after Ridge, and it annoys me so because people keep forgetting the dastardly deeds both of these kids committed. I mean Steffy is responsible for Ally’s death, not to mention Thomas and all his shenanigans involving Hope which also resulted in the death of Emma. Yeah, how Thomas got away with that one I will don’t understand. It would be nice if Justin or a family member from the Spears family returns to town to seek revenge or justice. These two just place themselves on a morality pedestal that Steffy of all people should NEVER be at the top of. Ugh, I know it can’t be me that sometimes HATES the character of Steffy Forrester. The woman is just as annoying as Brooke Forrester at times people.

Thomas and Steffy delivered their theory to Ridge on why Brooke perhaps relapsed: Deacon. Ridge didn’t like hearing that, but it made perfect sense and I was all for Hope laying down the law to Taylor and Steffy to NOT interfere in Ridge and Brooke’s marriage, but we know that is not going to transpire. The more that Sheila pushes to take down Brooke is raising major flags for Taylor who has been concerned about her nemesis Sheila. I said it before Taylor is going to learn what Sheila did and keep secret to ensure her relationship with Ridge (let’s face it we all know that is happening) moves in the direction she wants. It is going to be so glorious when this blows up in her face people.

Where this culminates I’m not sure, but Hope will be proven wrong about her father Deacon, Taylor will be exposed as not being the saint that everyone thinks she is and I can sense Sheila Carter going all nuclear in the coming weeks proving to be the villainess that we have come to love to hate.

In other Los Angeles news, Paris and Zende seem to have pumped the brakes on their relationship. With that said, Paris and Carter shared a kiss and I thought this was an interesting development people. Zende is looking at his options, Carter is staying mum because Zende would NOT be happy to learn his pal shared a kiss with his lady and he was the one that warned him about the engagement.

Zende might be trying to earn points with Paris by bringing her mother to town. Interesting development people, where this goes I have no clue people, but it seems like Carter and Paris will become an item, and Paris’ mother might be a hiccup in that relationship people.