UNITED STATES—Negative energy, I’m not a fan of it. I hate being around it and I do my best to eliminate those people who want to bring negative energy into my bubble. Why? It spreads like a plague. It raises a big question as to why some people harp on negative energy, when they can shift their focus on dealing with positive things in life and finding ways to implement positive things into their life.

Why is this conversation of such concern to me? Well, a situation transpired this past week that annoyed me to the depths of hell. And so much to the point that I exploded. It was not simmering emotions it was emotions that were building up for quite some time.

It’s amazing when you offer someone a deal and they try to outwit you, but when the deal that has been offered blows up in their face fingers get pointed. Stop for a second. Someone just gave you the opportunity to purchase a used car at a stellar price. However, instead of accepting the offer, you want to pose all these questions because you decided to rely on hearsay from someone who is a complete idiot when it comes to cars.

So why the hell are things being blown out of proportion, when the person who has decided to sell their car suddenly has 6-7 buyers who want the vehicle? I have the slightest idea, but I was SO ANNOYED with the situation I made it clear I don’t want to hear it, I don’t care.

You had an opportunity to get a vehicle, but instead of taking the opportunity when it was offered, one decided to cut corners and attempted to outwit some adults so gullible they fell for this person’s dumb tactics. Anyone with a brain would have realized that this person was hoping to have someone buy them another vehicle. It’s important to note that this person already had 2 vehicles purchased for him, so why the HELL he thinks a third vehicle would be on the table. Plain and simple, he didn’t want the vehicle, so when opportunities arose for the buyer to get $2,500 cash versus $600 down and then monthly payments, which option would you chose. Exactly!

In business you always go with the better option, it’s not personal its business. So when this person tried to throw a fit about losing the deal I nipped it in the bud right away. You lost, plain and simple. You could have had a car; you weren’t ‘saving’ money as you claimed, and get over it. No one cares, onto the next thing. This person wanted to harp about it, but everyone was in agreement: give them no time of the day. When you ignore people and pay them no attention they learn much sooner than later, that no matter what they do they are at a loss. That makes me quite happy people.

That negative and contagious energy that was surrounding the home vanished.  The bubble has burst people, and we can focus back on the positive. This is an important lesson I’d like people to realize. Negative energy only persists in one’s life if you ALLOW it to. Yes, bad things happen, but there are ways to distance yourself from such annoying things. Positive trumps the negative, always remember that.