Tag: positive

Good News Vs. Bad News

UNITED STATES—We have all heard the saying: Do you want the good news or the bad news first? For most people, the thought is...

Bursting A Negative Bubble

UNITED STATES—Negative energy, I’m not a fan of it. I hate being around it and I do my best to eliminate those people who...

Personality Is Armor For The Brain

UNITED STATES—“When the wicked spirits have ruined in a soul the edifice of virtue, they sap its foundation, which is faith.” It has been more...

Corpse Found In Malibu Surf Identified

MALIBU—Caution tape and police vehicles walled-off the beach adjacent to the 20500 block of PCH, after a corpse was found washed along the shoreline...

Positive Change, That’s Our Answer

WASHINGTON D.C. —All week in the news there was speculation and commentary on what would make Shahzad, who immigrated to America, become a terrorist...
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