CALIFORNIA—Governor Gavin Newsom’s new climate order will ban the purchase of a majority of gas-powered vehicles in the state of California, as announced on Friday, November 15 by the California Department of General Services. All gas-powered Sedans were banned to reduce greenhouse emissions, with the exception of public safety vehicles.

Starting January 2020, California will no longer purchase vehicles from automakers who do not agree to comply with the state’s new clean air rules.

President Trump’s administration on September 19 revoked California’s federal waiver on emissions to produce far less expensive cars, while making cars safer. The One National Program Rule will replace former President Barack Obama’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations, that were impacting consumers and auto producers.

The SAFE Vehicle Rule will assist Americans in replacing older vehicles, with new, safer, and more fuel-efficient cars. It will assist American manufacturers to support economic growth by making it easier to build and sell automobiles at competitive prices.

On November 15, the state of California filed another lawsuit to block the Trump administration from ending its authority to set greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy standards for cars and trucks. Officials are requesting that California’s rules be protected under the Federal Clean Air Act.

President Donald Trump has worked with leaders from the automobile industry to bring jobs that were relocated to Mexico back to the United States.