UNITED STATES—The Ninth Circuit Appeals Court ruled on Tuesday, October 22, against Little Sisters of the Poor forcing them to fund abortions through the Obamacare mandate. The 9th Circuit Court ruled during 3-judge panel of U.S. Court of Appeal on Tuesday.

According to Life News, Little Sisters of the Poor was protected by the U.S. Supreme Court on two different occasions in the past three years. President Donald Trump filed an exemption for Little Sisters of the Poor after he was elected in 2016 to protect the organization, and other non-profits from Obama’s HHS Mandate that requires them to pay for abortions, abortion-causing drugs, and birth control, in their healthcare plans, which is against their religious beliefs.

Little Sisters of the Poor was honored at The White House during the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington.

“My administration has taken historic action to protect religious liberty, President Trump stated. We’re protecting the conscience rights of doctors and nurses and teachers and groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor. We’re with them,” said President Trump.

The states of California and Pennsylvania immediately filed suit to sue the government and take the protection away.

Senior Circuit Judge, Andrew Kleinfeld, an H.W. Bush appointee, who has voted conservative n the past did not defend the nuns indicating the case has more to do with money and who pays for what.

Judge Andrew Kleinfeld

“The casual reader may imagine that the dispute is about the provision of contraception and abortion services to women. It is not,” Kleinfeld wrote. “No woman sued for an injunction in this case, and no affidavits have been submitted from any women establishing any question in this case about whether they will be deprived of reproductive services or harmed in any way by the modification of the regulation. This case is a claim by several states to prevent modification of regulation from going into effect, claiming that it will cost them money.”

Judge J. Clifford Wallace wrote the following statement for the majority:

Judge J. Clifford Wallace

“The panel held that the religious exemption contradicts congressional intent that all women have access to appropriate preventative care and the exemption operates in a manner fully at odds with the careful, individualized, and searching review mandated by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

According to All Sisters Relief Society, Judge Wallace is the highest-ranking Latter-Day Saints. Judge in the United States and champion of religious freedom and human rights. Judge Wallace is a Mormon. Judge Wallace was appointed by Richard Nixon