SANTA MONICA—On Saturday, October 19, at approximately 1:20 p.m., officers from the Santa Monica Police Department working the Santa Monica Pier observed a fight between two groups of protestors. One of the protestors, later identified as David Dempsy dispersed a canister of bear repellent into the crowd.

Lt. Candice Cobarrabuis of the SMPD, indicated that numerous protestors and non-involved pier patrons were impacted by the chemical. Dempsey was immediately detained by officers. Harbor Services Officers and the Santa Monica Fire Department rendered aid to those affected by the chemical agent. Protestors from both groups dispersed after the incident, but were monitored by officers in the event another escalation started. No further incidents occurred.

The suspect was arrested for 22810(G)(1)PC-Prohibited Use of a Tear Gas Weapon, 244 PC – Assault with a Caustic Chemical and 34559(c) PC – Poses Unreasonable Risk to Public Safety.

The SMPD are also investigating an officer-involved shooting that occurred on Saturday, October 19 at 11:50 p.m. The incident occurred in the area of Ocean and Bicknell where officers heard two gun shots coming from the area of Bay. Officers respond to the area to investigate and are directed to a male subject who had just shot into an occupied vehicle.

Officers made contact with the suspect who failed to comply with police commands. The suspect fled on foot, running southwest onto the sand. Officers engage in a foot pursuit when the suspect produced a handgun and an officer-involved shooting transpired.

A preliminary investigation indicates the suspect suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
The suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. Victims inside the occupied vehicle were not struck by gunfire or injured in the incident.

Lt. Cobarrabuis of the SMPD indicated in an email to Canyon News the following:

“And, right before midnight, we had an attempted murder with an officer involved shooting.  The suspect committed suicide via a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Information in the press releases will be all the information we are providing at this time. The attempted murder investigation/officer involved shooting/suicide is an on-going investigation.”

Written By Anita Brown and Donald Roberts