CALIFORNIA—The state of California will be officially reopening after over a year of restrictions due to the pandemic. On June 15, the state will be releasing some of the updated restrictions.  

California’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly, announced this week new details on the mandate. Regarding the mask mandate, those who are fully vaccinated will not be required to wear a mask when they are in specific areas. Those who are not vaccinated will still be required to wear a mask in indoor public places, including grocery stores, restaurants, and shops. 

There are still some mandates that will remain. Masks will still be required in certain places, no matter if you are vaccinated or not. These places include any form of public transportation, hospitals, long-term care facilities, K-12 schools, childcare facilities, prisons, homeless shelters, Disneyland, and indoor workplaces.

On Wednesday, June 9, the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board made a proposition to allow vaccinated workers to work without masks while on the job. The proposal will be presented on June 17 and could go into effect on June 28. 

Those who are vaccinated will be required to show proof of vaccination at large indoor events. Those who are not vaccinated will have to show negative test results. For large outdoor events, these same guidelines will only be strongly recommended but not required.

You will be required to wear a mask if you do not meet either of these guidelines.