CALIFORNIA—California residents are paying more at the pump with gas prices as of Friday, September 30, charging upwards of $7 per gallon which is a price surge of nearly $2 per gallon.

“Today’s announcement from OPEC+ confirms why the United States must be energy independent and energy secure so we cannot be intimidated by foreign adversaries. We have been blessed with an abundance of domestic energy resources, which we can produce cleaner than elsewhere in the world, and with that we have the ability to ensure energy independence and security for ourselves and our allies. This announcement should serve to further motivate my colleagues in Congress to come to the table to pass comprehensive, bipartisan permitting reform to lessen our dependence on these foreign nations,” said Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Chairman of the Senate Natural Energy and Resources Committee on October 5. 

Photo Credit, Justine Wilson

On October 3, the gas prices below are from the Chevron on 1107 North La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Regular  Midgrade  Premium  Diesel
$6.96    $7.16       $7.36      $7.10 

Gas Prices on the same day at the Shell gas station on 8020 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Regular  Midgrade  Premium  Diesel
$6.30     $6.50      $6.60       $6.30

The Shell station on Peninsula Drive in Westwood advertises regular gas for $6.01 a gallon. The prices listed below are from the 76 Station on 9460 W. Olympic Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

Regular  Midgrade    Premium   Diesel
$7.19    $7.39          $7.39       $7.30 

According to the U.S. Energy Information Association, the increase in gas prices is caused from when the available supply does not meet the demand. The U.S. currently has oil in reserve. Gas prices in other states are rising as well. 

The United States has seen the highest prices for gasoline during Biden’s presidency. Alabama and Florida are seeing gas prices as low as $2.17-$3 a gallon.

“Crude oil prices are down but oil and gas companies have jacked up prices at the pump in California. This doesn’t add up,” said Governor Newsom. “We’re not going to stand by while greedy oil companies fleece Californians. Instead, I’m calling for a windfall tax to ensure excess oil profits go back to help millions of Californians who are getting ripped off,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. On August 27, Newsom announced his plan to ban the sale of new gas cars by 2035.

In April 2022, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sold 950,000 barrels of oil to China International United Petroleum & Chemicals Company Ltd. (UNIPEC), which is China’s largest trading company and one of the world’s leading trading supply companies.

Reports indicate President Biden is releasing 10 more barrels of oil on October 5, restoring the oil market for Saudi Arabia and Russia and may drive up prices at the pump for Americans.