HOLLYWOOD—Everyone wants to be in movies, including pop stars. Ed Sheeran who is riding high on his hits, made a cameo appearance in an Aussie soap titled “Home and Away,” in 2015. He is also set to appear in a cameo in the seventh season of “Game of Thrones.” It’s still under wraps what role he’ll be playing. Ed Sheeran is on top of the world with his latest album “Divide.” In its first week it outsold the rest of the top 500 combined and became the fast-selling album ever by a male artist.

Ed is also number one on the singles chart. Actually Ed holds 16 places on last week’s top 20-chart, a first. In its opening week, “Divide” sold four times more than the fastest-selling album of 2016, David Bowie’s “Blackstar.” Sheeran uses math symbols as titles for his first five studio albums. His three releases to date have been named “Plus,” “Multiply” and “Divide.” He isn’t the first artist to have a huge successful series of albums with uniformed titles. Adele’s first three wee called “19,” “21” and “25” after her age at the time of writing them. I say quite unique. Sheeran is far from the first to make a brief appearance in a film or TV show- here’s some pop stars you may not have spotted.

Pop star Rihanna in the “Bring it On” series of films has brought us many stone cold classics-such as “Bring It On: In It to Win It” and “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish.” But it was the 2006 masterpiece “Bring It On: All or Nothing,” starring Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles, that gave us a delightful cameo appearance from Rihanna. Four years before she turned to “S&M,” a younger and more innocent RiRi was in the film offering a prize to budding cheerleading squads. Her cameo saw her announcing that the winners of a high school competition would win an appearance in her new music video.

In the film “Anchorman 2,” there were many cameo appearances by actors such as Will Smith, Harrison Ford, Sacha Baron Cohen, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Many of them appeared in the star-studded battle of the news crews at the end of the Will Ferrell movie. However, Drake’s guest appearance in the film is actually right at the beginning-when his character …..expresses his approval, shall we say, of Christina Applegate’s looks.

Snoop Dogg does many cameo appearances, if there was an outstanding contribution to cameos award, he should win it. He made wonderful appearance as himself in 2015’s “Pitch Perfect 2” and has cropped up in “Bruno,” “Entourage,” “Bones” and 2004’s “Starsky & Hutch.” The rapper has repeatedly said he’d love to appear in “Coronation Street.” He mentioned it during a trip to England in 2010.

As a rule, cameo appearances are generally brief. You blink and you missed it. Ariana Grande’s appearance in comedy-horror series “Scream Queens” certainly fell into this category, as she was so cruelly killed off at the end of her scene. The singer appeared side-to-side with the likes of Lea Michele and Emma Roberts when she starred in the show’s 2015 pilot episode. But her fury into acting was short-lied as she was murdered by a scary, masked knife-wielding devil. However, Ariana brilliantly came back to life just long enough to send out tweet to her followers to let them know she was being murdered.

You may recall Boy George who appeared back in 1986 in an episode of the “A-team” called ‘Cowboy George’ playing, you guessed it, the title role. In the episode, Face comes up wit a money-making scheme that involves booking bands for gigs, but not actually paying them to perform. The star becomes furious Face is pocketing the profits from a Culture Club gig and turns up demanding what they’re due. Highlights of the episode include Boy George kicking down a door and Mr. T dancing to Karma Chameleon.

Rose’s Scoop: Adele stopped a Sydney gig because of a fan’s cardiac arrest during the show on March 10. A 47-year-old woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition. She continued the show after a brief pause. Last but not least, winter snowstorm Stella expected to bring massive snowfall in Northeast and Midwest.