HOLLYWOOD—An East Hollywood apartment fire in the 1000 block of Mariposa Avenue on Sunday, March 12 resulted in the death of an 81-year old woman, Susan Warner, 81, ABC 7 reported. The Los Angeles Fire Department is currently investigated the incident.

Warner lived in the first floor of the apartment. According to reports, fire officials transported the victim to the hospital due to complications from smoke and burn injuries.

Officials said to ABC7 news that melted electrical components were found near the origin of the blaze. Investigators speculated that excessive storage conditions could have been the cause for the intensity of the fire. A total of 39 firefighters doused the flames in 17 minutes, according to KTLA reports.

“All my daughters called her Mama Susan because she is so lovely with them,” said Warner’s neighbor, Martin, to KTLA. “She was very nice.”