UNITED STATES—Instagram is a good networking and marketing tool. Content creators, influencers, and businesses run Instagram accounts to grow their brand and enhance sales. But malicious parties may hack your account or even delete it. That may mean having to start from scratch again. Through some of the best Instagram growth strategies, one can still rebuild their Instagram account. Many people seek the help of law enforcers to help them find out who hacked the account.

Ways the police can help in case your Instagram account is hacked.

It is challenging to find out online social platforms hackers. With the help of the police, one can find out who is running the Instagram account. But you must file suit first because Instagram must uphold the privacy of their clients.

Secondly, they may send requirements to Instagram and Internet service providers to ask for activity logs. But if the hacker logs in with VPN, law enforcers may find it challenging to locate the hacker who uses the account.

After getting the IP address of the Instagram user, they may then trace their location. But hackers use the Tor network and it may be challenging to trace them in such cases.

In most cases, after an Instagram account hacking incident, people start new Instagram accounts. Of course, it may be quite a challenge to get many followers again and  Instagram character limit makes it sometimes even harder. That is why adopting some online platform growth strategies will enable you to get your Instagram page popular again. Remember to focus on engagement and posting relevant content to gain popularity on Instagram.

Ways to Protect your Instagram account from hackers

Remember the social media accounts are not safe from hacking. Do not assume that hackers only target high-profile accounts. If the hackers hack your Instagram account, they may use the social media account to get your address information, credit card numbers, and pins from your followers and other Instagram users without their knowledge. One should have a strong password to log in to their account. But the following additional security measures will help to secure your account further;

  •       Two-factor authentication

Instagram offers this option to its users. If you turn on the two-factor authentication, you receive an alert every time someone logs in to inform a new device. That will deter hackers from trying to hack your account.

  •       Review emails from Instagram

Though one should be careful of phishing hacking attempts by hackers, paying attention to emails from Instagram can help you know when there is unauthorized access to your Instagram account.

  •       Regularly check your activity logs.

Checking the activity logs can review devices logged in and the physical location of the devices.   For unusual device logs, one should log them out immediately, and safety measures should be put into place to prevent further unauthorized login. One may also change their passwords for more security.

Even with these safety measures, your Instagram account may not be safe. One should regularly review security practices and adopt them to prevent having to rebuild the following again if the account is hacked or deleted.