UNITED STATES—We’ve taken a bit of a break chatting about some classics when it comes to the Super Nintendo gaming system. Well things resume this week and we are talking about a major classic, and when I say classic I’m referring to “Street Fighter II: Turbo.” Now just so I am clear, before “Street Fighter II: Turbo” there was classic old “Street Fighter II.”  I’m pretty sure about this as a fact), the first fighting or battle fight game. Yeah, before “Mortal Kombat,” “Killer Instinct,” “Halo” and the countless battle games that now exist this was the one that started it all.

The problem with “Street Fighter II” was the fact that it was a much slower version. When I say slower version, I mean the characters moved like turtles in my opinion. It is fun, but not as exciting as this speedier version that allows the gameplay to accelerate to exciting levels. In addition, as a player you have the opportunity to play as four additional characters Barlog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison, characters, who the player had to battle one-by-one in their quest to be victorious with M. Bison being the big boss at the end.

I mean the speedier version just allows a bit more fun in the gameplay universe if I’m being honest. The movement allows you to do a lot more and it makes for the challenge a ton of fun for the player. I mean we have classic characters like Ken and Ryu, who in my opinion are quite similar. Ryu is a better character if I’m personally speaking, but I know people who love Ken. The Hadouken and the uppercut punch are both great attack moves that have been mimicked all throughout the gaming universe.

There is the lone female in Chun-Li who can kick the hell out of you, E-Honda who is a slow mover, but can deliver an impact with his multiple hand slap movement. There is the electric shocking creature Blanka, the fire breathing yoga instructor Dhalsim, the American hero Guile and finally professional wrestler Zangief. I will admit Zangief is the one character I barely play with because I can’t master any of his crazy moves no matter how hard I try.

However, the excitement of this game is that each character, a vast majority besides Ken and Guile originate from different countries. Each battle can be an absolute challenge and you need to be prepared as a gamer to give it your all because one slip up and you’re out. This is the only time I will vastly argue the computer or CPU as we call it is a challenge if you’re not fighting against your buddies.

After defeating the first 8 characters, the challenge moves to Barlog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison. I will admit Barlog and Vega aren’t that much of a challenge; they can be pesky, but if your defense is in order you shouldn’t have that much of a challenge. Sagat, he’s another story people, not only is he a titan standing, but he has a few deadly moves as well. If you manage to defeat him, prepare for wholly hell with M. Bison because the guy is a challenge people and I mean that.

“Street Fighter II: Turbo” makes the player work to be victorious in the game. This video game teaches the gamer all about strategy, patience, technique and how to get blisters over your hands trying to master those special moves. More than anything this game is entertaining, when you’re hanging out with friends. You get to prove your prowess, but also defend your skills at the same time.

Written By Davy Jones