BEVERLY HILLS—A white BMW driven by a 98-year-old woman crashed into a nail salon “Notox” in Beverly Hills in the afternoon on Thursday, October 1. The incident happened just after the salon was allowed to reopen inside operation with 25% capacity on the same day.

On October 1, the nail salon “Notox” located at 368 South Maple Drive in Beverly Hills posted a video on Instagram, showing its store suddenly hit by the white BMW. The car crashed into the salon from its back with its front bumper broken. It destroyed windows in the salon, as a number of debris of brick and glass are seen in the photos posted. Authorities are seen investigating the situation.

The salon explained that a 98-year-old woman was trying to parallel park in front of the salon, but she accidentally reversed at full speed into the building. The driver did not have any injuries. They added that the woman was going to get her hair cut for her 99th birthday on October 2. 

While Notox were surprised at the unexpected accident, they commented, “Thank you for your messages. We are all ok,” to their customers. No staff members were inside the shop during the accident, and they were working in the outdoor space. 

On the same day later, the owner of the salon testified in Fox News that “The driver tried to reverse and then she said her foot slipped and she just ran straight through the window.” The owner also said that the elderly driver admitted she crashed into the salon, but still insisted it was because she wanted to make her appointment on time. 

Notox was on their first day of reopening inside operation after the shutdown orders under the COVID-19 pandemic. They commented, “The irony is insane.”

They updated their status on reopening; “We will be open outdoors tomorrow (October 2).” They will be taking all appointments as of October 2. 

The salon thanked the support from their customers they received upon the accident. “What you can do to help: If any clients can write us a review on Yelp. Share about our salon on social media. And pray.”