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Dine-In Restaurants And Salons Are Allowed To Reopen

CALIFORNIA–Los Angeles County is allowed to reopen dine-in restaurants, hair salons, and barbershops under specific conditions as the county received permission from Governor Gavin...

Salon Workers Rally At Capitol Pushing For Reopening

CALIFORNIA—On Monday, May 18, salon industry workers rallied at the California State Capitol, pushing for salons to reopen. Salons are currently listed as “higher-risk workplaces”...

Governor Changes Orders To Free Dallas Salon Owner

DALLAS, TX—On Thursday, May 7, Governor Greg Abbott amended his lockdown executive order to free a Dallas salon owner who was jailed and fined...

Salon Owner Ignores Lockdown, Jailed And Fined $10,500

DALLAS—On Tuesday, May 5, Shelly Luther, a hair salon owner from Texas, was sent to jail for a week and fined $7,000 for keeping...

Three Reasons You Should Go To Beauty Schools For Salon Services

UNITED STATES—Have you ever wanted to get your hair styled at a salon, but couldn't because it was too expensive? Well, I may have...

You Will Love I Love Nails!

LOS ANGELES—Whenever I am stressed, disappointed, overwhelmed or just plain sad there is only one solution to pick up my spirits…. a mani-pedi, also...
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