HOLLYWOOD—I seriously do not know where to begin in this discussion on the machinations that transpired in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house this past week. I want to say utter chaos, mayhem and just pure dysfunction. Look, let’s talk about the biggest elephant in the room: the Mooch is outta the house. Fans discovered this quickly after the live feeds kicked into action earlier in the week. I think I was more frustrated by the fact that the producers attempted to snow the viewers and fans like we’re idiots.

You are NOT going to sit here and tell me that Anthony Scaramucci was part of some twist and not really competing. The guy quit and your attempt to cover with this lame twist that was beyond stupid it was a complete slap in the fact to the fans. I mean two veto competitions in one week, where the entire scope of the house and the game was completely changed. I mean Anthony, Tom and Jonathan were nominees. If the Mooch hadn’t left the abode, Kandi would NOT have been nominated because Ricky, who won the first POV competition choose not to use it.

Was the massive alliance shattering? Of course, but this ‘twist’ changed things completed. It put a larger target on Ryan’s back and made Jonathan appear like a juicier target. I mean that second POV competition which was questions about the Mooch was the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen on reality TV. It was virtually a guessing game, one where the contestants and the viewers weren’t even aware that statements he made in the house could have been important to listen to.

I mean what the hell, would have happened if everyone guessed 8 like Kato? Would the first person who guessed the right number be the victor of the POV? I guess. Kato who is aligned with Tom, rescued his pal, which resulted in Kandi and Joey being nominated. Look, why the hell is Joey Lawrence on this season? The guy clearly does not want to be there, just listen to his eviction plea: it was like he was asking to be evicted from the house. However, by a vote of 6-1 Jonathan was sent packing.

Look, Jonathan was playing hard, but at least he was playing. His only vital mistake was trying to save Dina Lohan, who everyone coined Diana. I mean she is barely there and barely doing anything to say the least.  She was the sole vote to evict Kandi, which might come back to bite her later. The next HOH competition was one of endurance, too bad it didn’t play out on the feeds as fans were promised. In the end it was Kato and Joey who were the last two standing with Kato taking the win. For Joey to be a competitor and so athletic his prowess was not as strong as he touted it.

Let’s turn the attention back to Tamar, because this woman has been TV gold. She had a rift with Kandi earlier in the week, more than once to be exact. Then she got into a tiff with Ricky, Ricky is a bit of a wild card. We know he is the reason Jonathan was sent packing and he is playing a deceptive game. He is a very dangerous player that Tom has pinpointed, but Lolo and Natalie think they have him on their side. Hmm, Lolo and Natalie you might want to be careful; Ricky has only Ricky’s best interest in play.

Saturday was huge because Lolo and Tamar got into a major fight that cut the feeds for hours, when they returned it seemed the dust settled, but what transpired no one knows. Lolo is no pushover, but Tamar is not afraid of confrontation at all. This woman is a smart cookie, Natalie was Busted.com for exposing her final two with Lolo, not knowing Tamar was in the room. Tamar also pegged that Tom, Kato, Lolo and Natalie are a foursome with Ricky on the side, and so has Ryan, Joey and Dina.

So it’s clear that we have two sides of the house: Ryan, Tamar, Dina, Joey and Kandi. The other side consists of Lolo, Natalie, Tom, Kato and Ricky. Kato decided to nominate Dina and Tamar and neither woman was happy with Kato’s decision. Dina is showing she can give the cold shoulder when she is scorned, and Tamar interrupted Kato several times during the nomination ceremony. However, there is friction in the foursome alliance. Tom wants Ricky, so does Lolo, but Kato doesn’t want to target Ricky, he is after Ryan as a backdoor option. The Power of Veto competition was crucial and it played out live during Monday’s eviction, yup the number of contestants is quickly dwindling.

I didn’t want to see Ryan go, so in essence he needed to win that POV, save Tamar and force Kato to nominate Joey. I rather see Joey sent packing, versus Ryan and Tamar who are TV gold right now. This POV was a nail-bitter and in the end it was a game of luck that came down to Tamar and Tom, but in a rematch Tom earned the victory and saved Dina from the block and Ryan was backdoored and evicted 6-1. Joey didn’t seem to happy people and he let it be known to several houseguests including Kato, and Lolo, girl stop with the crying, you didn’t give one rat’s you know what about Lochte being evicted.

Time for another twist because the Power of the Publicist gives one of the houseguests who will be voted on by America the power to save themselves from one of the two next nomination or POV ceremonies. Hmm, interesting, but this feels more like a twist-filled season than anything. Tom, who is proving to be one of the smarter players, won HOH and he nominated Kandi and Joey for eviction. So America, this twist has created major paranoia in the house, where the massive alliance is starting to question each other’s loyalties and the underdogs are gaining traction.

There is a way to protect the trio, but it would have to involve a situation where one of them wins this special power, the one not nominated wins POV and saves one of the two, and then utilizes the special power to save themselves. We’ve barely recovered from the madness of the first week, and week two is just as entertaining if not more fascinating America!