HOLLYWOOD—Taylor Swift loves her fans. A fan filmed Taylor Swift as she stopped singing during her hit song “Bad Blood” to stop a security guard from ejecting a woman from her Philadelphia concert. Grade school teacher Kelly Kelly was at the show this past weekend, dancing in the front row seats with her sister and friends. She told the “Good Morning America,” that a security guard, “Just kept telling me to stop, he kept telling me to calm down and not to dance… and I guess she noticed.”

Swift yelled at him to leave me alone, and that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.” Kelly also revealed she received free tickets to see the show in Philadelphia again. Taylor sure loves her Swifties. Back in 2016, Taylor dropped in on the wedding of Max Singer and Kenya Smith. She proceeded to plop down at the piano to perform “Blank Space” one of their favorite songs. Taylor has a long history of surprising fans by showing up to their engagement parties, birthdays, baby showers, and sending them huge boxes at Christmas. This occasion was extra special because the groom’s mother died recently and “Blank Space” was one of the songs he and his mother enjoyed listening to together.

Who says that these singers don’t have a heart? A Glasgow-based singer was left stunned after rapper Post Malone made a donation towards his house deposit. Gregor Hunter Coleman was singing at Wunderbar in Glasgow when the award -winning artist came in following a gig. The pair spent the evening singing and chatting before Malone gifted Mr. Coleman money towards a deposit which he has been saving for.

Post Malone was in the city performing at the Hydro as part of his Twelve Carat tour. Coleman was performing his regular set at the venue when someone told him Malone was coming in. As he finished his set, the singer was invited over to meet the award-winning artist, who told him he’d smashed it. Coleman was saving for a house, so he wasn’t drinking. His friends said, “Why did you turn down a drink from Post Malone?”

Malone who is known for songs such as Rockstar and Sunflower, said he respected Coleman’s decision and instead invited him to sing at his concert’s official afterparty. They began talking and Post Malone offered to help him out with the house deposit. Coleman didn’t reveal how much Malone donated. Malone also offered to listen to some of Coleman’s original work. Coleman is now focused on sending his work on to Malone.

Back in 2016, Rihanna’s fans reached out via Instagram DM to express his fear over coming to terms with his sexuality. The singer not only responded, but continued to check in on his well-being throughout his coming out journey, even extending herself a beautiful message of encouragement.

Drake visited a superfan in Chicago to support her heart transplant surgery. In 2018,11-year-old Sofia Sanchez was awaiting a heart transplant in a hospital in Chicago when she begged for Drake to come and visit her. He showed up, saying, “You asked me to come, I’m here.” Aww, so sweet. Another celebrity was Ariane Grande when she reached out to fans online who she knew were struggling financially during COVID-19 and helped cover their salaries.

Ariana Grande doesn’t like to discuss her good deeds. She prefers instead to perform secret acts of kindness, like sending money via Venmo to fans who posted financial struggles on social media. But wait, Nicki Minaj paid off college tuition for some of her straight-A fans. In 2017, after a few fans reached out to her telling her of their financial woes. Nicki responded by not only offering to pay part of their tuition, but also tweeting that she would help pay off other fans tuition as long as they had straight As. The list goes on with many celebrities, they truly make their fans feel special.

Rose’s Scoop: The 76th annual Cannes Film Festival will take place May 16 thru May 27. Martin Scorsese’s latest film “Killers of the Flower Moon” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone. Part martial drama, part epic, part Western, part gangster.