HOLLYWOOD—My summer guilty pleasure has returned, but this time for the winter months and I could not be more thrilled. Why “Big Brother” is back, but this is “Celebrity Big Brother 3” and the chaos has erupted already in the first episode. We already know about the cast, which was teased last week, but this week we got to see the celebrities actually start to play the game and whew the month of February is ABOUT to be lots of fun people.

Carson Kressley was the first to enter the house and the fact that he isn’t afraid to coin himself as a villain, means he will be a villain people. The next person who entered the house was Cynthia Bailey who Carson actually knows. How the hell did Cynthia not know Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC? C’mon it was the biggest band of the 90s. I know he’s not Justin Timberlake, but the fact that Chris is a fan of the series is interesting people. Shanna Moakler is a fan of the reality competition series also, ok, this is going to be fun people. I think we might actually see some cutthroat players.

It was funny when Todd Bridges entered the house because people seemed to be speechless like they actually spotted a celebrity. Chris Kattan’s entry into the house was hilarious because he made it clear that he is going to be the comic relief for the season. If people like him that might keep him around for a while people. Let’s just say it right now, Carson is going to be diary room hilarity. When Carson and Todrick came face-to-face we all know these two are going to be extra messy and they might be annoying at the same time. Looks like the ladies and the house was afraid of MMA fighter Miesha Tate, but I wonder exactly who Teddi will mesh with people in this house. Even Teddi wasn’t sure if Chris Kirkpatrick was from NSYNC or The Backstreet Boys.

Shanna was scared about calling Lamar’s fiancé a donkey on TV and when he entered the house, he was another celebrity that left a lot of people speechless. I will admit Lamar’s story was touching and touched at the heartstrings. Everyone was nice, but once the first Head of Household competition kicked off the game started people. Carson was already forming alliances starting with a foursome: Todrick, Carson, Cynthia and Shanna.

Time for the first Head of Household competition people, and as expected it is an endurance competition, which has always been the case in every season of. This looks like a competition made for Mirai. Wow, someone is being forced to sit out and not be able to be safe. As a result, Todd Bridges decided to sit out. Chris Kattan was first to fall, followed by Cynthia, damn it’s ONLY been 1 minute. Interesting, Mirai and Miesha know the other is competition, and these NYSNC puns are getting a bit annoying people.

Mirai dropped, damn, I was really hoping to see her win because something feels like Miesha might be victorious and I have no idea who this woman would target people. Todrick was ready to make a deal so that he wasn’t targeted. Too bad Teddi didn’t make that deal before Todrick, and Miesha was blunt about protecting someone, and captured the first HOH of the season America.

However, my concern is that she could easily find herself booted during the second eviction of the season. Surprised, Teddi is a stronger competitor than I thought. Julie is teasing twists people as she noted someone else would have power this week, what’s going on a game-changing power is about to come into place people. Host Julie Chen teased that the power is inside ‘The Gala Gift’ box. It was a blessing to one and a curse at the same time. Which means someone will be granted safety and that someone else could be nominated as a result. Okay, Mirai looks like diary room fun.

This is what I love about “Celebrity Big Brother” the fast-pace makes the gameplay so epic and for the next 3 weeks I feel I am going to be so entertained. Check out the CBS schedule because it’s airing almost every day on CBS for the next 3 weeks. Check the CBS website for exact scheduling times.