HOLLYWOOD—I thought the first week of “Celebrity Big Brother” was a treat, nope week two delivered on so many fronts it is uncanny. For starters, thank the houseguests for booting Keisha, she started strong, but turned out to be a major flake. In the midst of that departure, a new HOH was crowned in Ariadna. Yes, I was surprised by that as well. How Shannon did not see the writing on the wall, when nearly the entire house except for James erupted in excitement. Yes, Shannon you were very close to getting the boot the previous week, but this week your number was up.

Our core alliance of Marissa, Ross, Ariadna and Brandi planned to send Shannon packing, but keeping up the ruse was not easy. Shannon started to see all the signs inching towards the nomination ceremony she knew she was a target. Shannon was visibly broken by the betrayal, crying hysterically and becoming Audrey 2.0 with the blanket and sunglasses. James attempted to cheer up his ally, but it was a no go. I would have loved for Shannon to inform the viewers that it was an entire ruse to tug on the houseguests heartstrings; I mean she is indeed an actress after all. She could have utilized that to her advantage.

Brandi, Ross, Ariadna, Marissa, Mark, Metta and James attempted to get Shannon out her funk, but she was aware if she didn’t win veto she was out of the house. I really thought I was going to love Ross and Marissa, but those two are getting on my last nerves. Perhaps it’s the snake game Ross and Marissa are playing. Not to mention the fact that Marissa (for the love of God) talks too damn much. Does this woman ever shut-up? The veto was the infamous black box, where the houseguests found themselves moving through several rooms full of food surprises. In the end it was a tight race between Shannon and James, but by a mere 90 seconds James won the victory over his ally.

That led to the ‘dominant four,’ as I like to call them, bartering a fake alliance with James to go to the final 5. Little did James know the first opportunity available they planned to stab him in the back! Don’t bother asking me about Mark, cause the guy is non-existent in my book. Is he playing an under the radar type game? Yes, but he barely gets any screen time and he hasn’t really made moves up until the endurance HOH which we will talk about momentarily. So with James using the POV on himself, Ariadna had to choose between Metta, Mark and Omarosa, who ruffled a few feathers after telling James he was a potential target (if he hadn’t won the veto, which he was).

That led to Omarosa lying through her teeth and Brandi spotting the BS immediately. So Mark took a seat on the block and Shannon attempted every Hail Mary possible, but by a vote of 5-1 she was sent packing. Yes, that sympathy vote was cast by Brandi of all people, and at the time I thought it was genius until I discovered she told Ariadna she cast the vote, who later spilled to the entire HOUSE what Brandi did. Stupid, stupid, stupid, because if Brandi would have played her cards right, she could have easily pinned the vote on Omarosa, painting a bigger target on her back going into the next HOH.

It was an endurance comp and the fact that Shannon who would have probably dominated didn’t get the opportunity to play absolutely sucked. The celebs were forced to sit in a chair as a wall tilted and fired basketballs, T-shirts and other sports paraphernalia at them. The first three to drop would be on slop, and that was a prize delivered to Metta, Ross and Mark. Man, seeing this comp play out on the feeds was epic.

Being a fan of the show, I absolutely wanted either James or Omarosa to win to take a shot at the ‘four’ and when Marissa dropped (who could not shut her pie-hole the entire time she was on and off the wall), I was eager for Brandi to drop, who later did. So it was James and Omarosa, yes the lady who had an asthma attack just a week ago, vying for the top prize. Both started to barter deals and in the end, the lady who has made “Celebrity Big Brother” worth every moment came into power and the core four were nervous as hell! America we finally got what we wanted a power shift, and Omarosa is no idiot. The idea of going after Mark and Metta was never on her radar because she knew who was running the game and after talking to Shannon before leaving she knew she had to go after Ross, Ariadna, Marissa or Brandi.

Ross and Marissa were nervous wrecks, just as divisions in the four became evident thanks to Brandi casting that hinky vote and then telling Metta to take the fall for it. What an idiot? Marissa proved she was a snake, so did Ross, but in the end Omarosa aligned with James, Mark and Metta (which I was praying to happen all week) to take a shot at the power players.

When nomination time came up, Ross and Brandi tasted the block and where not happy to say the least! Guys coming after Omarosa not a smart idea, the lady ain’t going to back down. So we had a pivotal POV this week, because it’s no ordinary one. The viewers got to vote on 3 options for the winner of the prize: Diamond POV, Spotlight POV or the VIP Veto. The biggest issue, the winner would most likely have to use the veto this week no matter who won. The DPOV allowed the winner to remove someone off the block and name the replacement. The VIP Veto, allowed the winner to remove not one, but both nominees off the block if they wanted, and actually wait for the replacement nominee to be named before making their decision! Very powerful, would love to see that one in normal Big Brother. Last but not least, the VIP Veto forces the winner to USE the POV on one of the two nominees during the live Veto meeting.

Alliances were all over the place; James and Mark were making power plays, just as Ariadna and Brandi realized Ross and Marissa weren’t trustworthy. Ross is a good master manipulator easily getting James and Mark to play into his hands, making yet another final four deal! Mark and James are idiots, Ross will run circles around both of you if he makes it to the final two; you will NOT win against him. Marissa’s hesitation to take James’ proposal was an immediate red flag as being loyal to Ari was vital.

Out of all three options, the perfect option would be the Spotlight Veto because even if used, you can still force one of the four to be put onto the block and voted out the house. Host Julie Chen revealed that America selected the VIP Veto. Ugh that is an absolute game changer, I was certain the spotlight veto would be selection. When the celebrities learned the results they were speechless, and the wheels started churning.

I thought last week’s veto was crazy, but this week was full of suspense, as it was a victory for Ross, but I was certain Omarosa edged out Ross by mere seconds. However, that was not the case, but it was super close between the two of them America, like super close. So it’s a given Ross is going to take himself off the block and likely Brandi. This means Omarosa would be smart to nominate Ari and Marissa if she wants to break up the four. Ross first used the veto to save himself. Omarosa then nominated Metta because he wanted to leave the house. As a result, Ross didn’t use the veto a second time. Ugh, first Keisha and now Metta, this absolutely sucks! I mean, Omarosa could have changed the game by nominating Ari, forcing Ross to save one of the two ladies or force Marissa getting nominated.

Metta wanting to be evicted totally blew this week’s epic strategy that could have unfolded America. If we ever have another edition of “Celebrity Big Brother” get people who WANT to be in the house and PLAY the game. By a vote of 5-0, Metta World Peace was sent packing. Fingers crossed for a James or Mark HOH, and hopefully they don’t target Omarosa. We could have had two epic blindsides America, but because of two dud players we were prevented epic drama. I mean Shannon could have still been in the house and shook things to the core people!