HOLLYWOOD—Only, and I mean only in the world of “Big Brother” in this case “Celebrity Big Brother” can viewers/fans go from an absolute high to an absolute low. Trust me we will get to the turn of events that has everyone screaming at the TV screen and voicing their concerns. When we last spoke, we knew Shanna had won her second consecutive POV, and planned to use it to take down Carson, hoping Miesha would replace him with Todd, nope, she nominated Chris Kirkpatrick.

I now wish Shanna had NOT used the POV on Carson and let him get the boot because the stupidity of him and Cynthia proves even celebrities believe certain people would NOT lie or deceive them in the BB house. So Chris Kirkpatrick was booted and we got an endurance HOH and I was rooting for anyone except Todrick and Todd winning. I was secretly hoping that Shanna would win because I knew she would make the move that needed to be made, but guess what we fell into a Carson victory. While I was happy when the win was earned, it was the following day that all hell broke loose.

With that said, Carson planned to nominate Miesha and Todd, for some reason he made a deal with Todrick to not be nominated. Gosh, Todrick might be the most hated houseguest that I can think of in this game right now. When it comes to social media, whew this guy is making the rounds and not in a good way. When he comes out the house, to say he will be shocked will be an understatement. Why? Todrick is playing a strategic game, but his social game sucks terribly. I mean three jurors have been booted and NONE of them have positive things to say about Todrick. Teddi, Mirai, Chris Kirkpatrick and this fourth juror (which was absolutely looking like Shanna right after Carson’s nominations), despise this guy.

Todrick does NOT understand how vital jury management is to winning the game, more so in CBB. This is not about strategy; this is about who you like. Just ask Ross Matthews and Ricky Williams who both lost to the opponent sitting next to them (Marisa Jarett Winkour and Tamar Braxton). Unlike regular BB, the jury is NOT sequestered, they get to go home and see everything that was said about them. Todrick has taken personal shots at Teddi, Mirai, Chris K and Shanna. He practically slut-shamed her and this guy is walking around the house half-naked.

Are you kidding me? It’s just disgusting behavior, and I don’t think he realizes it at all. Making the situation worse is talking about her career, hello she won Miss USA and I hate to say it Todrick, you’re not that damn famous, hell I think many people had to Google who you were when the cast list was announced. I think if Todrick is sitting next to ANYONE in the end who isn’t Todd, he loses the game in a landslide, I don’t see anyone voting for him except Miesha and maybe Todd, but I don’t see how Todd gets to the end unless he makes the move against Miesha and Todrick to take one if not both of them out.

Todrick’s lie to Cynthia about Shanna playing both sides, she fell for it hook, line and sinker. Have to note this; Cynthia is not the brightest bulb people. I wanted to throw up when she noted she had been protecting Shanna. Cynthia, you have WON NOTHING! Shanna won 2 POVs and saved your ass week 1 with Mon Won, and then in week 2 by pushing Chris K not to target you and Carson even though that is what Miesha and Todrick wanted. Hell if she hadn’t won the most recent POV and used it on Carson, you or your bestie would have been out of the game.

Shanna needed to be talking more instead of allowing sore loser Miesha (I mean you wouldn’t even go to Carson’s HOH reveal, talk about bad sportsmanship), and Todrick who talks integrity and has been lying thru his teeth and playing all sides of the house to make her out to be the enemy. I liked Todrick day 1, can’t stand the guy now and it will be glorious TV to see him get evicted and if that doesn’t happen seeing him loose in a jury vote, but a landslide will be more delicious people. And public perception matters, because Chris Kattan quit, he has no vote. So there will be 8 votes, so if it’s a tie, guess who determines the deciding vote: America! Doesn’t look good for Miesha or Todrick if they’re NOT sitting next to one another!

Todrick’s lie worked because Cynthia felt personally betrayed by Shanna, but like I said she used the POV on Carson if that doesn’t show loyalty than I don’t know what the hell will people. Shanna was livid and I cannot blame her, I would have literally been screaming at the houseguests and pleading my case until they actually heard what I had to say. Well, I think I’m out on “Celebrity Big Brother 3” because out of all the people and I mean all the people who needed to play in the live POV, Shanna was not picked, and the editors made it crystal clear that the house was against her.

It was utterly painful to watch Todrick win the POV; give a speech pandering to the fans. You dummy we see everything we know what is going on, you cannot fool us. Then he decides to save Todd, and Miesha gives this stupid speech, Shanna was classy and walked out the house hugging the ONLY two people she should have hugged Lamar and Todd, and it left the house rattled, especially Todrick when she told him she’ll get the jury not to vote for him in the end. She really doesn’t have to do much America, Teddi, Mirai, Chris K and Shanna ain’t voting for Todrick if he’s in the end, hell, I think Todd who I thought was Todrick’s only saving grace is likely to win sitting next to this guy. Whatever the Cookout told Todrick in terms of gameplay was the worst advice ever because he’s tanking massively.

Todd, thank GOD it was not Miesha or Todrick to become the next HOH which means he’s doing Miesha and Todrick’s dirty work by targeting Cynthia and Carson, who are too stupid to see they lost a number and for nothing. Gosh, I hope Cynthia is raked to the cools by the public when she gets out, I see why Nene, Kandi, Kenya, Porsha, Phaedra and almost every other alum on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” stated she has no backbone and flocks to the wind of whoever she is tethered to. Cynthia Bailey is a follower, not a leader people.

Todd decided to nominate Carson and Lamar for eviction, and its apparent Lamar is over Todrick and his antics people. Thankfully, someone finally called Todrick out on his antics people. This bodes well if Cynthia can actually win a competition because she can save Carson and this forces Todd to either nominate Miesha or Todrick. Could Cynthia and Carson be SMART enough to make the move to take out one of those threats? I wouldn’t count on it people.

I kinda hope Lamar wins so we can see Carson or Cynthia go, I am over them people. Nope, it was Miesha who won, which should be a signal to the producers of BB; make the competitions an EVEN playing field for all contestants. Like what ever happened to the memory competition, where you see sequences of things and have to recall what a specific detail? How about holding a button until you cannot do it anymore? Even Todd realized he should have made a move to break up Miesha and Todrick, hello, you’re at the final six, it’s now or ever Todd. Lamar has been gold calling out Todrick on his antics and exposing the guy for saying some questionable things.

I don’t wish karma on people, but it looks like Todrick is about to get a taste of karma and it’s NOT going to be pleasant in his favor. Bye Carson, not sad to see you go after that dumb move you made you deserve to be booted, can’t wait to see him react to how the public perceives what he did and yeah, you should be reaching out to Shanna ASAP to apologize buddy and I mean ASAP! If CBS renews “CBB” let’s actually get celebrities who want and know the game, not people who have no idea what the hell is going on.