SANTA MONICA—The now former Chief Executive officer (CEO) of the Santa Monica Red Cross, John Pacheco, decided to retire from his position after eight years of working for this nonprofit organization.

John Pacheco told Canyon News that he started the retirement process about two months ago and that he met with the Board of Directors and the members of the Chapter to discuss his plans.  It wasn’t until January 2, that the Santa Monica Red Cross made Mr. Pacheco’s retirement official.

“I am really confident that the mission of the red cross will continue, the mission statement of the Red Cross states that the Chapter is a humanitarian service organization and all staff is committed to doing good for all people in our community; and so we have a really good board of directors and great staff on board that will keep the support,” Pacheco Stated.

When Asked if he wanted to share any rewarding experiences with us about his job with the Santa Monica Red Cross, Pacheco responded,” My work within the Chapter and  my position has given me such a big mission, I mean potentially  being able to run every disaster event, big or small anywhere in the United States and across the globe, so there have been many ways that I’ve been privileged to reach into other people’s lives.”

During his time with the Santa Monica Red Cross Pacheco collaborated with various areas of the nonprofit organization. He worked on many national disaster assignments such as the tornadoes from the Midwest, the flooding in Mississippi, and on hurricanes of the Gulf Coast, always with the mission to respond to the needs of the individuals affected in such natural disasters.  Pacheco has spent the last 35 years collaborating with the American Red cross in the Los Angeles area.

Pacheco will be staying in the Los Angeles area but now as CEO of a new company that will provide aid with disaster planning and preparedness consulting for small companies.