HOLLYWOOD—What in the world is transpiring on “Days of Our Lives?” It seems like utter chaos with relationships being tested in almost every possible direction and there is no better place to begin than Ava Vitali proving to be very much alive and still seeking revenge. I have no clue what the hell this woman is trying to prove. You knew the moment that Jake DiMera died you were lying about being married to him to help Gabi maintain control of DiMera Enterprises.

EJ just managed to outsmart you and expose you for your duplicity. Now was he a bit crass in getting you exposed and fleeing Salem as a result? Absolutely, but you started the chaos that unfolded by having EJ’s mother, Susan Banks kidnapped courtesy of Xander. That led to EJ retaliating by kidnapping Tripp, who was later rescued by Steve and Kayla. So at that point I think it would be safe to let Susan and Bonnie who were being held captive loose.

Nope. Ava wanted blood and it resulted in a car going off a cliff and an explosion that left Susan presumed dead and Ava to be ‘dead.’ The verdict is still out on Susan, but considering a body has not been found I suspect she is alive, but Ava she’s burning hot. So hot she decided to plant a bomb at Susan’s memorial service. Now that is just low people in my honest opinion. However, Ava didn’t expect her son Tripp to attend the memorial which unnerved EJ and Johnny who were hot and bothered.

Johnny was once smitten by Ava, is not such a fan after realizing her antics have cost him his grandmother. The bomb hasn’t’ detonated yet, but you can bet this might be the nail in Ava’s coffin where if she’s caught she’s going to the slammer for a long time and will not be getting out anytime soon America. She’s already gotten away with far too many crimes. On top of that, Xander is just spiraling further and further into depravity. I mean aligning with Ava, kidnapping Susan and Bonnie, and still lying about your job to Sarah and your family?

This guy just wants to lose the love of his life Sarah, after all the duplicity he endured thanks to Gwen who he is further entangled with. Gwen is no saint, has tried to change her life, but it seems the people she has been around are putting her back in that dangerous aura. So far she is lying to Jack who believes his daughter has changed for the better, he is in on the plan of Xander kidnapping Bonnie and Susan, and now has Leo entangled in this mystery as Bonnie is certain Xander was her assailant. Gwen you’re adding assault to your list of charges in addition to accessory to a crime.

Let me know how that pans out for you in a few weeks when you’re exposed. Perhaps you might get Xander back as a result, but who knows. Speaking of Leo, getting closer to Sonny, who is missing Will, who plans to make a surprise visit for Xmas that Sonny has no idea about and it is going to cause some major friction. If Chandler Massey is no longer interested in portraying Will Horton, it might be time to recast the character to keep a narrative for Sonny moving forward. Otherwise he is just in Salem people.

With that said, we have to talk about Jada, Nicole, Rafe and Eric. Jada is not having Eric’s baby, which is a direct result of Nicole sticking her nose where it did not belong, Eric blew his top and did the unthinkable? Sleeping with Sloan? Yeah the woman who is after Chanel for killing her mother and Paulina for covering it up? Did not see that coming from a million miles away, but Nicole heartbroken by discovering the truth turned to another person not on Eric’s favorite list, EJ. So are you telling me the audience is about to see a rekindling of Nicole and Eric together once again people.

Sloan and Eric are hot and unexpected, EJ and Nicole not so much, but it looks like that reunion audiences expected is not happening anytime soon, which is true with any love affair people. Jada is becoming closer and closer to Rafe in the midst of utter chaos, which seemed to be expected considering that Rafe and Nicole are no more. They will soon become an item people and I am all for it to be honest.

With that said, Brady and Kristen are still playing with one another’s emotions, as the audience knows Kate, Kayla and Marlena will suffer a crisis as that orchid goes vanishing in the coming weeks leading to dire circumstances. Rachel wants mom and dad together, but I’m certain this little stunt will change things in an epic way. Chad finally made a move on Stephanie who was getting closer to Alex by the minute and we officially have a love triangle in play America and it’s long overdue. Stephanie and Alex are cute, but the chemistry is much stronger with Chad people and he needs to fight more for Stephanie or he’s going to lose her to Alex of all people.