HOLLYWOOD—I would be lying if I did not admit that I have been impressed with the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives” as of late. It seems like they are just two of the remaining four soaps on the air that is not dragging storylines and easily weave multiple narratives without the viewer getting bored. Perhaps the biggest at the forefront right now is the bomb (depending on who you ask) that Charlie is the person who sexually assaulted Allie, not Tripp. If that was not enough to blow your mind (it didn’t for me), it was revealed that Charlie was Ava’s son and Tripp’s brother (now that did blow my mind because I did not expect it).

Yes, Ava had another child out their lurking one that just came to fruition in the most unexpected way and gives the viewers exactly what you want when it comes to daytime drama. Charlie wasn’t in hot water for assaulting Allie, which he has wiggled his way out of for now. He was in hot water because Rafe discovered Ava held against her will in Charlie’s apartment. The kid is clever and without a doubt he is indeed Ava’s offspring. He is cunning, and all signs point to him having sociopathic tendencies and not in the best way America; he is his mother’s child.

With Ava recovering in the hospital after being drugged, Charlie pleading the fifth at the police station and making bail, it was time for the confrontation fans had been waiting for: Tripp vs. Charlies. To say Tripp was angry was an understatement, but if he expect his brother to confess to his crimes think again. Charlie might be an oddball, but he is no idiot people.

I actually felt sorry for Charlie as he talked his childhood with Tripp and how his mother never loved him or was incapable of showing him love because Tripp always seemed to be the priority. One could argue, the neglect of love from his mother led Charlie to such wicked behavior. A bit of revenge might need to be thrown in there as well America.The walls are closing in on Charlie and I soon expect a murder mystery people, and the suspect list could be quite long to say the least: Lucas, Allie, Rafe, Marlena, John, Sami, Tripp, Ava, Claire, shall I continue?

Hoping to get to the truth, Allie had her grandmother hypnotize her in hopes she would recall crucial details about her attack, and guess what people she did. At this point it seems the writing is on the wall for Charlie, so unless the writers come up with some epic twist I don’t see him weaseling out of this one. There is another huge bomb that FINALLY (I was literally screaming at the TV, “At last”) we learned about Gwen’s motivation for what to take down Abigail and the Deveraux family: um she is Jack’s long lost daughter!

No surprise there people because all the signs seemed to point to it, I just wonder why the writers dragged it for so long because it was so obvious a child could have connected the dots. Gwen gloated to Abigail about her night with Chad before getting one helluva slap to the face. Chad could do nothing, but whine like a puppy dog. I mean really you thought she cheated on you with Stefan’s twin brother Jake? C’mon. It looks like Abigail is all out of forgiveness just as Chad went directly to Dr. Rolf for answers. I wonder why he didn’t do that from the jump people. I will admit the idea of two sisters who absolutely hate each other having to co-exist sounds like fun, then again it sounds like Carrie and Sami people.

In other Salem news, Chloe has spilled the beans to Brady about Philip’s ties with the Vitali mob family. Chloe and Brady want to help Philip, while Xander is attempting to twist the knife. Too bad Xander’s past is about to come back to haunt him. How so? Remember that nurse Xander and Victor bribed to swap Sarah and Kristen’s babies, well she is at it again, this time for Vivian (it’s so obvious) courtesy of her confidant Ivan. Lani and Eli are sick about their missing babies, just as Valerie recognized the woman in the sketch that Bonnie recalled seeing in the park with the babies.

So what does Vivian have planned for Lani and Eli to exact her vengeance? We don’t know yet, but I’m sure the story arch is sure to be an interesting one with February sweeps literally less than a week away, so fun times are headed our way people on “Days of Our Lives.”