HOLLYWOOD—Ok, this totally came out of left field, but it is so fun to watch. Why? Well, by now all “Young and Restless” fans are aware that Melissa Claire-Egan is vacating her role as Chelsea Lawson-Newman. Yeah, I totally did not see this exit coming, but this kind of makes sense with the recent turn of events and unexpected behavior from Chelsea who seemed to turn over a new leaf since first arriving in Genoa City.

It seems she is up to her old antics yet again, but the problem is that it seems the writers just threw a ton of stuff on the page and hopes it will connect on multiple cylinders. There is one problem: I’m not buying anything that the audience is being sold. The whole ‘Alexandra West,’ duplicate site for Chelsea 2.0. Phyllis, who seems to have nothing to do lately is busy putting her nose in everyone’s business including Jack, Chelsea, Hilary and so much more. For a character, who can do both comedy and drama well, it’s seems “Y&R” seems to be wasting the talent of a great actress.

Phyllis desperate to search for the truth for reasons I cannot fathom, brought Jordan back to town who spilled a bit of tea about Chelsea’s past. He brought up the question that even I asked myself: why would Chelsea do this. She has loads of MONEY, she doesn’t really have to gain anything from this, but more money, which I honestly don’t believe she needs. Phyllis decided to rattle the cage of Chelsea who seems onto her ruse and is out for blood people, and a war is about to brew between these two ladies, where I’m dying to see how it will end.

J.T. is busy on the case, gathering tons of info on Chelsea’s alter ego, but considering our fashionista has already close the bank account where the money was going, and ridded herself of that fake ID, the crew will have to hope they can gain access to bank footage to nail Chelsea. However, whatever the writers are planning for this storyline right in the middle of February sweeps, I sure hope it pays off. If anything, you don’t kick off such a mystery during sweeps, this is the time when answers to a long-awaited mystery come to light people!

As quickly as Mariah and Tessa hated each other’s guts, it seems the ladies (who were once romantically involved) are back in the friend zone. I mean Tessa did lose Noah, and her music career seems to be on a downward spiral, which explains why Devon allowed her to work for his company alongside Mariah. Yeah, we all know Tessa is staying at the office cause she has nowhere to stay, but Mariah fixed that by asking Nick to offer Tessa one of his units. Sharon take a cue from your daughter: its okay to forgive people, and let’s just say you’re no saint lady.

I have to say, I’m loving and I mean loving the addition of Ashley Abbott joining the ranks of Newman Enterprises. One it was unexpected, but seeing the catfights between Ashley and Victoria is terrific jealously. Its apparent Victoria is threatened by a woman who was once married to her father, not to mention who has a ton of experience in corporate America. Eileen Davidson who is more known for her villainous role on “Days of Our Lives” seems to be bringing a bit of that dark humor to Ashley Abbott and it’s a thrill-a-minute.

I mean of course Jack isn’t happy that his sister has sided with the enemy, but can you blame her after the fallout with Jabot. This is good for Victoria because of pinpointing her focus totally on Newman, she is finding herself romancing J.T. who is doing his best to make this second go around with the two actually work. I always thought Victoria was destined to be with Billy, but with J.T. back in the picture, I honestly think he is her soulmate.

This might be the biggest downer I’ve written for “The Young and the Restless” in the midst of February sweeps. This is the time where major bombshells and secrets should come to light, but there isn’t much actually transpiring. Not sure if the writers or the soap forgot how important the next 3 weeks are, but right now it seems “General Hospital” is winning in February sweeps race if you ask me.