CHICAGO—The Chicago Police Department released its latest preliminary report of a police-involved shooting on September 5, bringing reports to at least 53 incidents this year.

The release states, “At approximately 1:40 a.m. in the 5000 Block of W. 50th St, officers encountered a male that was armed with a knife and attempted to subdue him with a taser which was unsuccessful. He then lunged at the officers with the knife at which point officers discharged their firearms, striking him in the body. He was pronounced deceased on scene a short time later. There were no officers struck by gunfire or additional injuries reported.”

In a press conference on Monday, August 31 following an incident with two officers being shot during a traffic stop the night prior, CPD Superintendent David Brown said that the “two officers that were shot brings the total number of officers shot at to 41; 10 were shot. Another way to say that is 51 officers were shot at or shot this year.”

The number of CPD officers struck or shot at this year has surpassed 2019’s reporting by four times the amount.

In a separate incident reported later that Monday night, there was another police-involved shooting that happened in the 1300 Block of W. 19th St at 10:45 P.M. where five individuals were standing on the sidewalk at which point 12th District officers driving were met by gunfire which struck their department vehicle. Officers then returned fired, striking a male offender, according to the report.

The suspect was transported to Stroger Hospital for treatment and is in critical condition. Two individuals fled on foot and have not been located while two offenders were placed into custody. No officers were reported to have sustained injuries.

The incident from August 31 and September 5 remain under investigation.