UNITED STATES—We’re being told to start Christmas shopping a bit earlier this year because of rising prices as a result of inflation and the possible shortage of goods. Well, let me tell you America, I normally do begin my Christmas shopping around August each year, but this year I started a bit later, like in the last week or so. It just hadn’t been on my mind and then suddenly, you keep hearing this panic and it almost puts you in a panic.

I had to stop and think, is there really a shortage on goods? I mean the few retailers that I have visited I have NOT seen any shortage of goods, if anything I was surprised to see HOW stocked with goods they were. Especially toys and that is a good thing for me considering my nieces are at that perfect age where it’s actually fun to purchase toys for them. I actually got great deals on all the items that I purchased, but it did force me to question, is this a terrific marketing tactic to get consumers to spend money on goods?

The answer to that question is YES! I was actually stunned how busy one of the local malls I visited the past weekend was. I was under the impression that something crazy was going on because I couldn’t understand why it was so busy so early in the day. It was either the fact that everyone had money (I did forget about that Child Credit payment that was being issued to a lot of taxpayers) or there was a massive sale going on that I had no clue about.

Long story short, people were spending money and the icing on the cake was the fact that plenty of the retailers I visited actually had some strong sales. When I say that I mean it! Anytime you can get a perfume or cologne set that normally clocks in at $100, and it’s on sale for $25 that is a steal. A $70 hoodie for only $20? Sign me up America. I use to be a big proponent of waiting to do my Xmas shopping until Black Friday. If you don’t know what that day is it is right after Thanksgiving and its considered the biggest shopping day of the year, where many retailers in the red would go into the black (they’d make massive profits people).

For me, it is tradition in our family, we’d eat, we’d sleep a little then we’d shop all day. Yeah, exhausting and busy holiday weekend to say the least America. With that said, I’m all about getting a good sale, so the more money I can save the more money I have for things later. One thing that is certain the price on goods has risen America, even if you think it hasn’t it has and I have come to the realization if I see something I like you get it while you see it.

Don’t be indecisive, don’t sit back and wait hoping for the item to go on sale at a later date. If you do, you will indeed regret it people and that’s on you. Right now clothing at some stores are offering some stellar deals, but something I never used to do I’ve started to do a lot more: shopping online. I prefer to purchase goods in stores because I want to see what I am buying. However, you get better deals online than in stores a lot of the time. The great thing transpiring is the fact that now you can purchase items online have them shipped to the store and don’t have to worry about those pesky shipping fees. Yes, it is indeed something I absolutely adore people.

The general gist is the big shopping season of the year is upon us, it doesn’t hurt to start a little early. You don’t want to be that person stressed and worried about trying to buy gifts at the last minute. That is a level of stress no one needs especially in the midst of a pandemic.