HOLLYWOOD—I hate when characters attempt to moonlight as martyrs in the soap opera arena, I feel like I am seeing that more than ever right now on every single soap on the air right now, “The Young and the Restless,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Days of Our Lives” and worst of all right now “General Hospital.” It seems like every single character on this soap loves to judge people when they do bad things, not acknowledging the misdeeds they have committed in the past.

This brings me to the tale of the hour of Michael Corinthos having Nina Reeves arrested for fraud and identity theft. Yeah, these charges make absolutely no sense, none whatsoever. When did Nina commit fraud, and whose identity did she steal? It looks like Michael’s power play is going to cause some serious issues in his relationship with Willow moving forward. Willow sees the worth in acknowledging what Nina did was wrong, but they’ve all done horrid things. Um, Michael do you recall that you murdered Claudia Zacchara. Yeah, you took someone’s life, even though it was self-defense, you still killed someone.

That death, just gave me a great story idea if the writers of “GH” somehow considered the return of a new face from the Zacchara clan arriving in Port Charles to seek vengeance against Michael and his family. Willow was not happy with Michael’s stunt, Carly, is ecstatic with the result, but when isn’t this woman? Carly’s current predicament is the result of her keeping that secret about Nelle being Nina’s daughter, and I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. You have to reap what you sew, and that is something Carly has never endured people, never.

She is worried about her marriage to Sonny and rightfully so. He has lingering feelings for Nina that have not been disclosed to Carly yet, even though Ava is attempting to use that to her advantage in a custody battle for Avery. Let’s talk about two more hypocrites in Ava Jerome and Nikolas Cassadine. Ava murdered Connie in cold-blood, got away with it, and then swapped the pills of Morgan Corinthos causing his bipolar disorder to spiral leading to his presumed death (we still haven’t found or seen a body people).

This is the LAST WOMAN, who should attempt to teach someone a lesson. Her hatred for her daughter Kiki sleeping with Griffin, led to her sleeping with serial killer Ryan Chamberlain, who later murdered Kiki. Yes, Ava, you trying to teach Spencer a lesson is the last thing you should be doing. If anything you should be repenting to the powers that be. Nope, she’s gloating, she is on cloud nine, and not realizing her world could come crashing down any day and I sense that is going to happen when Nikolas is exposed and the threat of Ryan Chamberlain returns in an devastating way.

Esme is playing with fire interning at that facility that Ryan is at, and something tells me there are things about Esme’s past that are about to come to light that is going to explode in epic, and I mean epic fashion people. Nikolas has every reason to spite the wicked stepmother, who helped Valentin keep his father away from him so she could regain her face back after what she did to Morgan was exposed. Spencer plans to make Ava pay, and like father like son. I cannot wait until the chickens come home to roost against Nikolas for his role in shooting Hayden Barnes and framing Shawn for it. Nikolas knows the walls are about to close in and something tells me Spencer will be the one to discover the truth and deliver the nail to his father, just as Ava attempts to manipulate Nina and Sonny aka Mike’s relationship to her advantage. Ava and Nikolas need a taste of humble pie, and I think it’s headed their way, but the outcome is going to have rippled effects on their lives they never expected.

Spencer is out of jail and working with his cousin Cameron, while living with Kevin. Austin was forced to drop his claim to the Quartermaine fortune after Brook Lynn exposed his diagnosis of Leo, much to Olivia’s dismay. Something tells me Austin is going to learn the truth about Bailey being Maxie’s daughter and all hell is about to break loose. I mean Brook Lynn is doing a bit much, getting in tiffs with the wrong people who can blow her world apart, like Gladys of all people. Gosh, I cannot stand Gladys, why is this woman still pivotal on the show. Maybe her latest blackmail stunt leads to her demise because it is long overdue at this point. Finn and Elizabeth continue to grow closer, just as rumblings seem to point to the return of Elizabeth and Hayden’s father. A man we haven’t seen in the flesh in a very, and I mean very long time people.

Another hot button narrative we need to touch on involves Valentin, Peter, Drew and Victor Cassadine. Victor confessed that Valentin is his son to Robert, Anna, Drew and Sam. Sam and Drew were surprised to come face-to-face with Britt and Jason in Greece. So what that means is the tension is thick, but if we’re being honest, Sam and Jason being kaput is the best things the writers could have done. Drew is still programmed under Peter’s spell and they kidnapped Liesl, for reasons the audience still hasn’t figured out. Peter is enjoying his villain status to full effect, which means his time is indeed short-lived on the soap.

Anna and Valentin have gotten so much closer, and Victor is manipulating as much as possible to ensure he doesn’t face any charges. This is intriguing, because Nikolas’ world is about to explode as a result of a double whammy, Victor and Valentin’s return, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Valentin wanted to deliver the kicker to Nikolas after he blew his world to bits with Nina. With November sweeps literally transpiring in a few days I think things are about to kick-off in epic fashion and I’m ready for it people.