SANTA MONICA—Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, the city of Santa Monica has issued more than three dozen citations for individuals who were not wearing adequate face coverings to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to the city, individuals are expected to cover their mouths and noses with masks, if they are walking in public near large crowds, which raises susceptibility to contracting the virus.

First-time offenders of mask coverings are fined $100. Those who have a second offense will receive a $250 fine. Individuals who become third-time offenders will receive a $500 fine. Any fine(s) succeeding the third offense one will continue to be $500.

Since March, the city of Santa Monica conducted 35,059 face covering checks on businesses, issuing 854 warnings and 126 citations. The number of indiscriminate face covering checks have reached 8,351, with a face covering distribution of 408 and 42 citations.

In an effort to crackdown on face coverings, and make sure individuals are following the rules, “Health Ambassadors” will be focusing on how businesses operate, when utilizing these guidelines on employees, and also educating them on the correct way to make the best use out of their face coverings.

Health Ambassadors will also be checking on local establishments in the region to make sure they are abiding by the rules put forth by Los Angeles County. Personnel and patrons are expected to wear face coverings at all times, unless they are eating and/or drinking, while following social and physical distancing rules.