GRIFFITH PARK—On Friday, March 31, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed Councilmember David Ryu’s motion to allocate $100,000 of the Fourth Council District’s portion of the Street Revenue Fund on a study to improve park access, mobility, and safety in Griffith Park and around the Hollywood Sign, according to a news release by the Los Angeles Councilmember’s David Ryu’s office.

The study will focus on several ingress and egress points, and impact zones around Griffith Park, including the Hollywood Knolls, Beachwood Drive, Canyon Drive and the Oaks, amongst others. The goal of the study is to improve accessibility practices and Hollywood Sign viewing along the different hiking trails, while maintaining the protection of wildlife in the area.

“For too long, the City and the community have been bogged down in litigation, shifting problems from one neighborhood to the next,” said Councilmember David Ryu. “We need to improve the visitor experience for park users, quality of life for our neighbors, and most importantly, the public safety for all.”

Councilmember Ryu added, “By approving funding for this expanded access and mobility study, we will finally move forward on smart solutions for both visitors, residents, and park users alike.”

The Fourth Council District and the Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) will work with the consultant and engineering company that recently implemented the Griffith Park Circulation Plan, that created a seven-day-a-week DASH service program to the Observatory, which began on March 21.

On April 18, the California Department of Recreation and Parks will close pedestrian access to the section of Griffith Park at the Beachwood Gate, in compliance with a recent court order. The Department of Recreation and Parks will continue promoting its recently expanded Griffith Park Shuttle Program to help visitors access the park and reduce traffic.

“The recently expanded Griffith Park Shuttle Program and this newly approved comprehensive study are all part of our long-term goal to manage the ever-growing popularity of the Greek Theatre, Griffith Observatory, and Griffith Park hiking trails,” said Michael Shull, General Manager of the Department of Recreation and Parks.

Councilmember David Ryu announced the commitment of additional funds to hire increased enforcement, from LAPD and the Department of Transportation, to oversee visitors in the hillside neighborhoods near Griffith Park, during the Spring Break period, April 7 to April 17.