BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills City Council will consider amendments to the Compensation Plan for the city’s executive and senior management employees during its Formal Session on Tuesday, March 6.

The proposed amendments include:

Reorganization of the Administrative Services Department, establishing two separate departments, Finance and Human Resources.

Revised Salary Structure, based on the City Council’s direction to move away from the method of using a salary survey to determine salary ranges in a prescriptive manner (75th percentile), to a method based on best practices that establish salary ranges reflective of position responsibilities and market ranges in comparable jurisdictions. There are no salary increases associated with this change in structure.

Internal Salary Separation, removing provisions that tie the salaries of the Deputy Fire Chief, the Fire and Police Chiefs, and the Assistant City Manager to each other and/or those of their management staff that are members of a represented unit. The proposed amendment provides more flexibility to determine increases based on performance rather than by required contractual increases in the represented groups.

Personal Holiday, transitioning the Executive Group from calendar year to fiscal year accrual of personal holidays to align with all other City employees, beginning in calendar year 2019.

If the amendments are approved by the City Council, the amended Executive Employee Compensation Plan will go into effect on April 6, 2018 to coincide with the second reading of the related Municipal Code changes. The proposed amendments are posted on the city’s website at

The Executive Compensation Plan was put onto the city of Beverly Hills website on February 20, 2 weeks before the March 6 scheduled meeting. There is no fiscal impact associated with the proposed changes, so a fiscal analysis was not completed.