BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills City Council voted on Thursday, February 23 to approve amendments to the city’s established rent control ordinance. The unanimously approved changes would require landlords to pay relocation fees of up to $12,400 to evicted tenants, limit rent increases to 3 percent per year, and commission the city to create a registry program of multi-family units.

“I am very proud of our City Council for passing this long-overdue ordinance,” said Mayor John Mirisch in a statement released to the public. “Most people who live in Beverly Hills are renters, not homeowners. By expanding our rent control regulations, we are providing stability and support to these extremely important residents and we are strengthening the fabric of our community.”

The mayor also expressed the goal of the city is to create a “long-term ordinance which is fair, balanced and sustainable for all parties, tenants and landlords alike.” To facilitate this agenda, the city government plans to reach out to the community in the coming months through the form of several round table discussions.

Canyon News reached out to the Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council, but did not hear back before print.

For more information on the new ordinance, residents are encouraged to contact the city’s Code Enforcement hotline, or visit the city’s website.